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A red shirt does not reflect color.

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Q: Which colors are reflected by a red shirt?
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Related questions

What colors are reflected and absorbed if a white light shines on a red shirt?

Blue and green are absorbed by the shirt, and red is reflected.

If a white light shines on a red shirt what colors are reflected and what colors are absorbed?


What colors are reflected and what colors are absorbed if a white light shines on a red shirt?


What happens to light rays that allow you to see colors?

When light hits a surface, some 'colors' are absorbed while others are reflected. The reflected colors are the ones you see. A red shirt absorbs all light except red which the red shirt reflects. A shirt that looks white reflects all light and absorbs none. A shirt that looks black absorbs all light and reflects none. this is why a white shirt will keep you cooler on a hot day.

What colors are reflected by a black shirt and a white shirt?

no colors is absorbed by a black shirt but instead it reflects all the colors in the spectrum of light while white shirt absorbs all the color in the spectrum of light.

Which colors are reflected by a white shirt?

All colors are reflected by white. This is why white clothing is cooler than black or dark colored clothing.

Why does a shirt look red when its held up to white light?

When beams of light strike a surface, part of the light is often absorbed. The surface may also absorb some colors and reflect others. For example, a red shirt reflects red light but absorbs all the other colors in the spectrum. In other words, the shirt looks red because we see red light reflected from its surface.

Why is a blue shirt blue?

your shirt appears blue because that is the color that is being reflected. for example, if a ray of light (the sun) is shining on a shirt then all of the colors of a rainbow are shining on the shirt. all of the colors are being absorbed by the shirt accept blue because blue is being reflected off the shirt and your eye sees the blue being reflected and the shirt appears blue. i hope this helps, it is a confusing subject.

Is black the base of colors?

No, black is a mixture of all colors. Color is produced by reflected light is reflected. Like a red object absorbs all colors but red, which is being reflected and is what you see. Black reflects all colors, and whites absorbs all.

Why does a red car look red?

all the other colors are absorbed and red is reflected

What wave length light is reflected from a red shirt?

the wavelength of red light i.e. 700 nm is reflected from red shirt. this follows the fact that a body absorbs those light radiations which it does not contain and reflects the ones it contains. eg. the red t shirt would absorb a green or a blue radiation but when red light falls on it, it gets reflected.

What colors refract out of red?

Red is a pure color, no other colors can come out of it when reflected through a prism.

What color is reflected by a red flower?

Red. All other colors are absorbed by the flower.

What would an objects colour be if it was green but you shone red light on to it?

A green object absorbs all light except green which is reflected by the pigment. White light is made up of all colors and all except green are absorbed; only green is reflected. If a red light is the only one illuminating a green shirt there is no green to reflect so the shirt will look black.

What wavelength of light is reflected from a red shirt?

I donโ€™t know

Why do you see things as certain colors?

Because colors are absorbed the color reflected of is the color we see. For example apples are red every other color is absorbed but red is reflected off the apple.

Leaves appear green because the green protion of the light that strikes them is what?

Reflected. The other colors of the light spectrum are absorbed. In fact, this is how all 'color' works - whatever the object. A red ball, a white shirt, etc. The color you see is the color being reflected back at your eyes, while the other colors are absorbed by the object.

When an object appears to be yellow what color of the spectrum is reflected?

Yellow light is made of primary colors red and green. Yellow objects absorb the blue light and reflect the red and green, so we see yellow. If I'm wearing a green shirt, the color reflected is Green. All others are obsorbed. Ta-da!

The material that gives paint its colors by absorbing some colors of light and reflecting others?

More or less yes, basically the red paint absorbs all of the colours of light except for the red light which is reflected. It is this reflected red light which we see.

What two colors are reflected for us to see yellow?

red and yellow

What makes a red solution like cherry Kool-aid appear red to your eyeWhat colors of light are absorbed and what colors are transmitted?

Red is reflected. All the rest of the colors hitting the solution are absorbed.

Why is the rose red and the grass green in the day light?

Rose absorbs all constituent colors of white light except red which is reflected to us. Similarly, grass absorbs all colors except green which is reflected to us.

What is happening with the light when you wear a colorful shirt?

When light hits an object such as a shirt, different waves are absorbed or reflected. "Light" consists of many different wavelengths within a visible range (about 390 nanometers to about 760 nanometers). The colors that we see are those within this visual range (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) that are reflected off of the object the light is hitting.

What colors are reflected in white light?

Basic colors are: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet

When light is reflected is the color visible?

Yes. You can easily see the colors of your eyes, your hair, and your shirt in the mirror.