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Which company has tagline as bong bong bong bong bong?


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Related Questions used to use this tagline. not sure if they still do.

IBM has the tagline think

CNBC TV18 has the tagline 'Profit from it'

The company that used the tagline "for the fun of it" is Coca Cola. They used it for their Diet Coke advertising.

Air Deccan is the company that has the tagline Simply Fly. Air Deccan is an airline based in India.

Wills Cigarette has the tagline that is 'Made for each other.'

Its a tagline for "VODAFONE"

Wills Cigarette has the tagline that is 'Made for each other.'

Royal Enfield, a motorcycle company based in India, used the tagline "What's your trip?" in its advertisements. Nuovo, a line of VIP Luggage, also uses the tagline "What's your trip?"

Jeans that built America

Tagline is a branding slogan as part of marketing strategy. The logan of "Trusted to Deliver Excellence" is a tagline of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

The purpose of an advertising tagline is to have a clever slogan that people can remember that will associate that company with a particular product that is sold by them. An advertising tagline is also referred to as an advertising slogan or motto.

maruti suzuki , the leading automobile company in india!!

Bisleri packaged Drinking water !!

Um....I'm assuming Sharp The tagline is from Lancashire Constabulary's acclaimed anti-knife crime educational package

has nothing to do with drugs. its a clothing company. "Billabong" There's also Bila Bong which is china glaze nail polish. just because it has the word bong in it doesn't make it have any similarities with marijuana.

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