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The best auto insurance rates for senior citizens is offered by the company Saga. They specialize in deals and services for the over 50s and so will provide the best.

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Where can I find a company that specializes in Senior Travel groups, and offers overseas travel insurance for senior citizens?

One of the best companies that specializes in travel insurance and travel discounts for senior citizens is AARP. You can become a member by calling then at 1-800-697-9119.

Can senior citizens get cheap travel insurance?

I am a senior citizen who likes to travel, where can I get cheap travel insurance? Is there a company that specializes in this?

Is term life the only type of insurance offered to senior citizens?

Term life insurance is a time limited insurance. It is not the only type of insurance offered to senior citizens. But it is one of them that senior may be interested in purchasing.

where does one look for senior citizens travel insurance?

Senior citizen travel insurance can be purchased through travel agents, and online. Mabel is an online site that offers travel insurance at a great rate. Check out Mabel at http://www.mabels.org.uk/senior-citizen-travel-insurance.php

What can a senior citizen do to get an affordable premium price for term life insurance?

Getting an online quote and comparing prices would be a good start. AARP also offers life insurance especially for senior citizens.

What is the most popular insurance for senior citizens?

They buy more expansive life insurance because there is a more likely chance of death among senior citizens. There are many commercials on TV that talk about senior insurance.

What does standard life offer to its customers?

Standard Life (Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company) is an insurance company that offers life, health, and annuity products to senior age customers.

What discounts are available on car insurance for senior citizens using Liberty as a provider ?

Liberty Mutual is a well-known, reliable and respectable insurance company. The often cover, home, life, and vehicle insurance. They also offer many discounts. They do offer discounts for senior citizens and additional discounts for military.

What is the best company for senior life insurance?

One of the highest rated companies for senior life insurance would be the Senior Life Insurance company. They have information on the following website: http://www.seniorlifeinsurancecompany.com/.

If I am 60, can I expect to get an affordable life insurance quote?

Yes you can. There are many programs geared to helping older individuals with such things. AARP offers life insurance at an affordable rate to senior citizens.

How can one get in touch with a senior life insurance company?

You can get in touch with a senior life insurance company by visiting the Senior Life Insurance Company website. Once on the page, click on "Contact" in the top right-hand corner to bring up the information.

How will ObamaCare affect senior citizens?

An unknown amount (but probably small). Most Senior Citizens already qualify for Medicare, and this will not change. Those purchasing additional insurance from an insurance company may likely see changes, though what those changes (particularly in cost) are is impossible to generally predict.

Where can you find affordable car insurance for senior citizens?

The Hartford Insurance or AARP offers discounted rates for seniors. Depending on your credit history, driving record and type of car you drive, your rate my differ.

Where can I get travel insurance for a senior citizen?

Many insurance providers will offer insurance to senior citizens. Check with your current provider of look for websites such as www.travelinsurance-quotes.com/seniors.cfm

Where can I find info on insurance for the elderly?

There are many different companies that offer travel insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounted rates for senior citizens aged 65 or older. One company is globaltravelshield.com.

Should senior citizens be charged a higher rate for car insurance?

Senior citizens should be charged a higher rate for car insurance. Seniors have the second highest accident risk average, only after teenage drivers. Teenage drivers have higher car insurance because of this higher risk factor, and so should senior citizens.

What company offers the best rates on senior car insurance.?

There is a site that you can go to and get competative quotes from different companies online. The site is:http://seniorcarinsurance.net/.

Is it a good idea to have senior citizens travel insurance?

It is a great idea to get travel insurance weather you are a senior or not. It provides you with the reassurance that even if you get injured, you won't have to pay.

What is the best travel insurance for senior citizens?

Some websites that offer travel insurance deals are mabels.org.uk, comparethemarket.com and world-first.co.uk are all easy to use, reliable, and cheap services that should help you find the best travel insurance for senior citizens

Why would a senior citizen need health insurance?

Health insurance is a system by which some or all of a person's health care costs are covered by an insurance company in exhange for regular payments. Senior citizens need health insurance for the same reasons everyone else does; they have health problems and need some help paying for medical care.

Where can my friend get information on insurance for senior citizens?

Your friend can gather information on senior citizen insurance from thir financial advisor, or from the local retirement home. Both will have all the information necessary.

Which companies provide insurance for seniors?

Most insurance companies will provide insurance for seniors. There are some specifically geared towards seniors, including Grey Power and Senior American Insurance. The AARP also offers some insurance benefits to their senior members.

Where can someone buy some holiday insurance for senior citizens?

Lots of the major insurance companies offer holiday insurance geared towards the elderly. You can find out and get a quote at http://www.mabels.org.uk/senior-citizen-travel-insurance.php

What are some health insurance options for senior citizens?

There are several health insurance options available for senior citizens. A lot come with options for health check ups, financial help during emergency health problems and long term medical treatment.

How much does senior travel insurance cost?

Senior travel insurance is slightly cheaper than standard travel insurance. There are many companies that offer it but the company generally considered to be the best is AAA.

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