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Which contacts on a 98 Malibu 4 door power window switch or motor do you cross to get the window up?

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I had the same problem with the left front window on my 2000 Malibu. I did voltage drop tests on all the leads to determine which ones controled that window, which should have been gray to brown, and dark blue to black but I couldn't make the window move by jumping them. O well.

GM probably did not change the color codes for the power window system in two years, but I can't guarantee that.

The colors for the other windows should be: Light blue and Tan for right front window, Dark Green and Purple for left rear, and Light Green and Purple for right rear. The brown wire at the driver's switchbox is power and black is almost always ground. Also noteworthy, the power for the window motors first passes through the driver's switchbox and then to the other switches in the car. From there the wires change color on their way to the window motors.

A mote of caution: you can damage the electrical system of your car by lack of electrical knowledge and/or experimenting with the wires including blowing lights, blowing fuses or tripping breakers(which are both annoying to locate), overheating wires (you might see smoke), and even melting them! High amp draws through a small wire can also burn you. So if you are unsure about anything just see a tech or replace the switch box.

I can't make any guarantees though i wish you luck on this. I've learned a lot just by making mistakes :-)

2011-09-13 12:30:13
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