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Its in Asia as Sinai is separate from the "main" part of Egypt, which is n Africa.

Check with your insurance company to see how they rate it as they can vary.

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Are there mosquitos in sharm el sheikh?

yes there is mosquitoes in Sharm El Sheikh

What kind of snakes live in Sharm el Sheikh?

the sharm el sheikh snake!!

What is the distance from Cairo to sharm-el-sheikh?

the distance between cairo and sharm-el-sheikhMiles: 310Kilometers: 500

Time difference between UK and sharm el sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh is located in South Sinai Governorate, Egypt. The time difference between Sharm El Sheikh and the UK is 1 hour.

Weather in sharm el sheikh?

The weather in Sharm el Sheikh is hot and dry so you'll need plenty of sun screen.

What is the airport code for Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport?

The airport code for Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport is SSH.

Is there volcanos in sharm el sheikh?

no at all

Can you do nude sunbathing in sharm el sheikh?


What is the distance from Gaza to sharm-el-sheikh?

394.89 kilometers (245.37 miles)

What port on the Egyptian red sea ends with el-sheikh?

Sharm el Shiekh

What is the distance in miles from London to Sharm el sheikh?

2,422 miles London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

What is the distance between tel-aviv and Sharm-el-sheikh?

368 miles

What is the distance from Manchester to Sharm el Sheikh?


What is the post code for sharm el sheikh?


Postal code of sharm el sheikh?


Where are the Sinai Mountain?

: Sharm El Sheikh,Egypt

What languages are spoken in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt?

Arabic is the predominant spoken language in Sharm el-Sheikh, since the Sinai Peninsula is a part of Egypt.

What is the time difference between London and sharm?

Sharm El Sheikh is GMT + 2 hours

What is the distance from Sharm el Sheikh to Luxor?

178 miles

What is the distance from Alexandria to sharm el sheikh?

562,12 km

Are there great white Sharks in sharm el sheikh?


Is sharm el sheikh classed as Africa or Asia?


Is sharm el sheikh an island?

no its on the red sea coast

How long is the flight from Manchester England to Sharm el Sheikh Egypt?

Flight:Manchester (MAN) to Sharm El Sheikh (SSH)Flight Duration 5 hours 30 mins

How far is sharm el sheikh from luxor?

It is about 3 hours from Sharm el Sheikh to Luxor and the area of the pyramids. This distance is about 178 miles as the crow flies or about 191 miles by road.