Which continents border Croatia?


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What do you mean by "border Croatia"? Croatia is in Europe by its full length, and is nowhere near any continent borders.

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All continents border an ocean.

The countries that border Croatia are: Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia-Montenegro.

Albania is not in the southeast of Croatia, but it is southeast of Croatia, though they do not share a border.

No continents border Antarctica. The continent is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.

Croatia is bordered by... Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia.

Brazil does not border any continents. Brazil is a country on the continent of South America.

Among other - the whole continents of Asia and Africa - Croatia is in Eastern Europe

The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. No other continents border this ocean.

Australia, who is fully in the Eastern Hemisphere, does not border any other continents. Antarctica, who is partially in the Eastern Hemisphere, does not border any other continents as well.

The two continents that border the Black Sea are Asia and Europe. The Black Sea is wedged in between these two continents.

Croatia and Hungary border each other. Croatia is south of Hungary. Slovenia is north of Croatia and west of Hungary. Serbia is south of Hungary and east of Croatia.

Adriatic Sea, where they share their border.

what three continents border the Mediterranean sea?

The three continents are Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Italy and Croatia both border on the Adriatic Sea, which is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea.

None. It is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.Antarctica is a continent surrounded by the Southern Ocean. No other continents border Antarctica.

Europe, Africa and Asia border the Mediterranean Sea.

Poland is in Europe and does not border countries from any other continent.

The nearest continent to Madagascar is Africa; but a border doesn't exist.

Mexico is a country in the continent of North America, it is not surrounded by continents.

About 4 hours by car to Croatian border.

Italy, croatia, Montenegro, Albania

Croatia's coast in on Adriatic Sea.

Europe antarctica and Europe

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