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Very wierd, there seems to be lots of information on other states. Wikipedia has info on dry counties in Alaska, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Utah, Mississippi, etc etc but nothing about Tennessee. Odd. I know Servier, Hawkins and Moore County are dry. Oddly enough Jack Daniels is located in Moore County. I think I've heard that unicoi is Dry. Bledsoe County is also dry for liqour but not beer.

i know for sure that the county were Lynchburg is located, odly enough Lynchburg is the home of the Jack Daneiel's Whisky Distilery......

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Where can you find information on how many counties are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has 95 counties.

How many counties are there in Tennessee?

There are 95 total counties in Tennessee. I hope I helped you and have a great day!

How many counties are in TN?

There are 95 counties in Tennessee.

Which counties in Missouri are dry counties?


What counties are dry counties in Alabama?


What counties are dry counties in Indiana?


How many dry counties are there in the US?

There are more than 200 dry counties and hundreds more partially dry counties in the U.S. Most of the nation, however is wet.

How many counties are dry in Vermont?

If by dry, you mean they don't allow alcohol, there are no dry counties in Vermont but by law a county is allowed to go dry but only by pulic refferendum. However, as of this time there are NO dry counties in Vermont.

How many counties in Utah are dry counties?

By Utah Law there are no Dry Counties in Utah but that doesn't mean much in a factual basis.

Which counties in Alaska are dry counties?

There are no counties in Alaska we have Judicial Districts. Some villages have voted themselves dry and some are damp.

Which counties in Mississippi are dry counties?

tate county

How many counties in WIsconsin are dry counties?


Which counties in North Carolina is dry counties?

Graham county is the only dry county in NC.

How many counties in Alabama are known as dry counties?


What are the dry counties in Alabama?

counties that do not sell liquor on Sundays

Which counties in Oklahoma are wet and which are dry?

No dry ones

How many counties are in the states?

it varies from state to state but tennessee has 60 something counties

What counties in South Carolina were dry counties?

There were several counties in South Carolina that were dry. Some of those were Aiken, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, and Walterboro.

Are there alligators in the state of Tennessee?

There are breeding American Alligator populations in at least 4 counties in the southwestern part of Tennessee: Shelby, Tipton, Haywood, and Fayette counties.

What is the county west of Franklin Tennessee?

Franklin, Tennessee is located in Williamson County, Tennessee. Dickson and Hickman counties are west of Franklin, Tennessee.

What are the countries in Tennessee?

There are no countries in Tennessee. However, there are 95 counties in Tennessee. Shelby County is the most populous county in Tennessee. The counties with the next largest population are Davidson County, Knox County, Hamilton County, Rutherford County and Williamson County.

How many counties are in Tennessee?

There are 95 counties in Tennessee. The state's capital city is Nashville which is located in Davidson County. Shelby County is the most populous county in Tennessee. Memphis is the largest city in Shelby County.

Which counties in Florida are dry counties?


How many countries are there in Tennessee?

There are exactly ZERO "countries" in Tennessee. The State of Tennessee is one of the 50 States in the nation or country of The United States of America (USA).States in the USA have "counties" or some southern States have "parishes".

How many dry counties in Missouri?