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Q: Which countries and empires shown on the prewar map do not appear on the postwar map?
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Which countries and empires shown of the prewar map 1914 do not appear in the postwar map 1919?

Ottoman empire, serbia, montenegro, Austria Hungary, Russia

What are the difference between prewar and postwar?

Has to do with NYC apartments

What is the date of manufacture of a walther pp with a serial number 370553?

Have to know if it is prewar or postwar.

Which prewar countries gained territory from the treaty?

romania and greece

What percent of the Jewish population was murdered during the holocaust?

Heres the death toll of Jews murdered in the holocaustr by countryPoland3,300,000=Prewar Jewish population3,000,000= Number of Jews murdered90%= countries Jewish population deadBaltic countries253,000=Prewar Jewish population228,000= Number of Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadGermany & Austria240,000=Prewar Jewish population210,000= Number if Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadBohemia & Moravia90,000=Prewar Jewish population80,000=Number of Jews murdered89% countries Jewish population deadSlovakia90,000= Prewar Jewish population75,00083%=countries Jewish population deadGreece70,000=Prewar Jewish population54,000=Number of Jews murdered77%=countries Jewish population deadNetherlands140,000=Prewar Jewish population105,000=Number of Jews murdered75%=countries Jewish population deadHungary650,000=Prewar Jewish population450,000=Number of Jews murdered70%=countries Jewish population deadByelorussian SSR375,000=Prewar Jewish population245,000= Numbers of Jews dead65%= countries Jewish population deadUkrainian SSR1,500,000=Prewar Jewish population900,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadBelgium65,000=Prewar Jewish population40,000=Number of Jews murdered60%=countries Jewish population deadYugoslavia43,000=Prewar Jewish population26,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadRomania600,000=Prewar Jewish population300,000=Number of Jews murdered50%=countries Jewish population deadNorway2,173=Prewar Jewish population890=Number of Jews murdered41%= countries Jewish population deadFrance350,000=Prewar Jewish population90,000=Number of Jews murdered26%= countries Jewish population deadBulgaria64,000=Prewar Jewish population14,000=Number of Jews murdered22%=countries Jewish population deadItaly40,000=Prewar Jewish population8,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadLuxembourg5,000=Prewar Jewish population1,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadRussian SFSR975,000=Prewar Jewish population107,000=Number of Jews murdered11%= countries Jewish population deadFinland2,000=Prewar Jewish population22=Number of Jews murdered1%= countries Jewish population deadDenmark8,000= Prewar Jewish population52= Number of Jews dead

How did post war authors show disillusionment with prewar institutions?

Postwar authors showed disillusionment with prewar institutions by showing a profound disgust with war. They thought war damaged institutions. Some also began experimenting with stream of consciousness writing.

Which prewar countries gained territory from the treaty of Versailles?

Romania and Greece

What is a mint condition 22 cal Walther pp worth?

If it is a postwar model, and really mint it should be worth 800 to 900 bucks. If prewar probably 1000 to 1500.

What is the prefix of the word war?


What prewar countries gain territory from the treaty of Versailles?

France, Poland, and to a lesser extent Denmark, Belgium and Czechoslowakia.

How do you use the word prewar?

The prewar conditions of the cotton picker's camps were deplorable.

What is a sentence using the word prewar?

The prewar design of this hotel is worth refurbishing.

What are synonyms for prewar?


What is the opposite of the prefix pre?

The prefix meaning the opposite of pre- (prior to, ahead of) is normally post- (after) which is also the opposite of ante- (before).Example: prewar/postwarSome root words use re- (again) to form an afterversion, e.g. preview/review.

How do you make a sentence with prewar?

The prewar financial decisions of the Secretary of the Treasury were the main reason why people did not starve during the war.

In 1919 the cost of living prewar levels?


What is English equivalent of the latin phrase antebellum?


Who was the prewar Prime minister of britain?

Neville Chamberlain was.

What was Germany like prewar?

I would guess about the same it is today......

The new nation that included the prewar nation of Serbia?

my name is.....

How did nationalism increase tensions in prewar Europe?

The Alien and Sedition Acts

Prewar conflicts in Europe concerned all of the following except?


The War of 1812 resulted in what?

The British and Americans returning to prewar conditions.

The US agreed to pay all of its prewar debts to England?


How did disillusionment with prewar institutions authorities and values that resulted in totalitarians?