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one of Germany's allies since World War 2 is the United states of america.

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Q: Which countries are Germany's allies since world war 2?
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Germanys allies in World War 1?

Germany was in an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy.

What was the effect of the allies being unable to ship war supplies to Russia ports during world war 1?

Russia had to depend on themselves to stop germanys expansion since there ports were unavailable

How did American entry into world war i affect germanys strategys?

They believed they needed to crush the Allies before American troops arrived.

What countries were allies in World War I?

Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

How big was Germany's empire in World War 1?

Germanys empire was in WW1 because of the alliances the other countries had.

How did American entry into world war 1 affect germanys strategy?

They believed they needed to crush the allies before american troops arrived

What countries were allies in World War 2?

you face!

Who were the US allies during World War 2?

The US didn't join in World War Two until the end, and as such no countries where it's allies, instead the US was the ally of Britain, France and the rest of the countries that had been in the war since the start. A Complete list of Allies can be found at.

What countries made up the allies in World War II?

The main 3 countries in the allies were America, England, and France. However, several countries in the world fought against Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What countries were English allies in world war 1?

the russians

Which countries are considered allies of Zimbabwe?

In the developed world, China.

Outline the alliances formed in the First World War compared to the World War 2?

Britain, France, Russia & the US are common to the Allies in both WW1 & WW2. They are opposed by Germany in both wars. In WW1 Italy & Japan were both on the side of the Allies, in WW2 they were on Germanys' side. Turkey was on the side of Germany in WW1 & Neutral in WW2. Austria/Hungary was on the side of Germany in WW1 & were also on Germanys' side in WW2, (although it might be said by force rather than choice.) although they were then 2 separate countries.

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