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Q: Which countries do Nigerian passport holders travel visa free?
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Countries a Nigerian passport can go without visa?

Please send me the name of the Visa free countries Nigerian can travel to with there passport and No visa

What are the countries Guyana passport holders can travel to without visa?


Do German passport holders require visas to enter South Africa?

No. US passport holders are allowed 90 days visa-free travel in Germany and the other Schengen-Agreement countries.

Do Mexican passport holders need a visa to travel to Germany?


How long do you need on your passport to travel to Amsterdam?

UK passport holders require 6 months left on their passport

List of countries under nigeria free visa?

There are many countries that you can travel to visa free with a Nigerian passport. Some of the countries are Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Which country are visa free to Nigerians?

A Nigerian citizen travelling on a Nigerian passport has visa free travel to 50 countries. The list can be found here:

Which countries do south africa passport holders travel visa free?

I am a South African travel agent and have created Travel Without Visas web site for this very subject, so log in and check it out. Also join the Facebook fan page, Countries South Africans can travel to without visas.

Which country passport is stronger in the world?

the AmericanAnother view The US passport has some definite advantages, lower entry fees in many countries, travel to most countries with out trouble, easy Visa acceptance where they require visas. The down side: The USA is hated in a lot of countries. Some countries will refuse entrance or Visas. Canada My other passport. You pay Visa fees in a lot more countries but travel a lot more inconspicuous than US passport holders in a lot of countries. Many countries that don't allow US passport holders are easy to get Visas for Canadians. These countries do not carry your US passport in even hidden your luggage!Another AnswerThe British passport will allow visa-free entry to more countries than any other, bar (I think) Iceland, making it the second-most prestigious passport in the world.

Do you need a passport to travel from England to Germany on the ferry?

Yes you do, even the travel to Ireland from the UK has now been restricted to passport holders only.

If you have a SOS passport to which countries can you travel visa-free?

can you used SOS passport for travel to Canada ans EU countries

Do you need passport to travel maldives from India?

yes of course.....but u may not need a visa