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Which countries hava won the World Cup more than once?

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german, brazil, italy As of November, 2007: Wins - Country 5 - Brazil

4 - Italy

3 - Germany

2 - Argentina, Uruguay

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Germany, Italy, France and Mexico have hosted the FIFA World Cup more than once.

Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Uruguay

Germany, Mexico, France, Italy and Brazil

They are France, Italy, Mexico and Germany.

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Five countries have won the world cup more than once and only three have won it more than twice. Brazil has won the coveted trophy 5 times, Italy 4 times and Germany has won it 3 times. Argentina and Uruguay have both won it twice.

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Mexico (1970 and 1986) Italy (1934 and 1990) France (1938 and 1998) Germany (1974 and 2006)

* England (once) * Australia (twice) * South Africa (twice) * New Zealand (once)

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Only 5 countries have won the world cup more then once, Brazil 5, Italy 4. Germany 3, Argentina 2 and Uruguay 2.

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No The all blacks have won the world cup more then once.

England, France and Spain have all won the World Cup just once.

Italy 1934 and 1990, France 1938 and 1998, Mexico 1970 and 1986, Germany 1974 (as West Germany) and 2006

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