Which countries have neutron bombs?

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As of today, no country is known to have an Enhanced Radiation Weapon ("neutron bomb") in their active stockpile.
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What is a neutron bomb?

Okay, you asked. A neutron bomb is a weapon designed and constructed specifically to deliver a large(r) dose of radiation over a broad area to increase the lethality of the we

In what year was the neutron bomb invented?

Credit to this invention usually goes to Lawrence Livermore Lab's Samuel Cohen in 1958. The ERW was tested in 1963. Development was halted by President Carter in 1978 and rest

Who made the neutron bomb?

The neutron bomb is generally credited to Samuel Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , who developed the concept in 1958. Although initially opposed by Pres

What are the lyrics to The Neutron Bomb by The Controllers?

The Controllers' "Neutron Bomb" begins with a poem from WWII about a disemboweled gunner on a bomber over Europe. Then it goes: Some people think atomic bombs are weird

Which countries was the first to develop a neutron bomb?

No country is known to currently have neutron bombs. The concept was developed in the US in the early 1960s (and some testing along those lines was done by, at least, the US

Which country first developed a neutron bomb?

us . Yes, the United States was the first to develop a Neutron bomb, it was originally part of the United States efforts following the fallout problems with the 1954 Castle B

What is the surprising effect of the neutron bomb?

A neutron bomb, or enhanced radiation weapon (ERW), is a type of tactical nuclear weapon designed specifically to release a large portion of its energy as energetic neutron ra

Why neutron bomb is known as smart bomb?

It is not. A "smart" bomb is one with a guidance system that guides it directly to the target. A "Neutron" bomb is a specialized form of nuclear weapon that produces relativel
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When was the neutron bomb used and why?

The atomic bombs were dropped by the Americans from a plane onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War Two on August 6th 1945 (Hiroshima,Little Boy) and August 9th 1945 (Nag
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Does the US have neutron bombs?

"Enhanced radiation" weapons, including the 'neutron bomb', havebeen stricken from the US inventory and are (probably) no longer a part ofstrategic planning.
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How does the neutron bomb work?

A neutron bomb is a type of hydrogen bomb. It actually was adevelopment that came from the late 1950s work by the US to make"clean hydrogen bombs" that produced very little fa
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How does a neutron bomb explode?

A neutron bomb is a form of nuclear weapon. It explodes in several steps. In the first step, control circuits fire electronic blasting caps cause conventional explosives to de
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Why do neutron bombs can kill people?

Neutron bombs are designed to release massive amounts of radiation but not leave behind high levels of long-term radiation. Specifically, it is engineered to release much of i