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Great British and Spain

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Q: Which countries in World War 1 gained land and which countries lost land?
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Who lost and gained more people and land in World War 1?

Germany lost a lot of land and rights and adjacent countries gained land and some new countries gained independence. Germany lost a lot of people and I dont think anyone gained people.

How much land was gained in World War 1?

The central powers were the ones who lost the most land. The central powers were the ones who lost the most land.

How did World War 1 affect the political geography of Europe and the Middle East?

I believe it affected the political geography by creating new countries and many borders being expanded or shortened. In the treaty of Versailles Germany lost everything. (much of there land, they had to pay over a billion dollars to all the ally countries.) So to sum it up nation-states were created and many countries gained land or lost land. :D

What three countries lost land after World War 1?

Russia and Germany lost land also the austro Hungarian empire and the ottoman empires broke up into a collection of smaller countries.

What did the Treaty of Ghent say about the amount of land gained or lost by the US in the war of 1812?

It didn't say anything about the land gained, because there was no land gained, no one even won the war.

Who lost land after the French and Indian War?

Nobody did. The British just gained land.

What countries lost land during world war 1?

One main country that lost land was France. The named land was called The Rhineland (Eastern France, bordering Germany).

What countries lost territory after World War 2?

Germany lost the tritories they had won, japan lost control of Korea and frenchindo china, and Hungary - Lost land to Romania. and Bulgaria - Lost land to Greece (this is not a complete list!!)

What groups gained least from the Treaty of Paris?

The groups gained the most while Great Britain had lost the land.

What groups gained least from the treaty Paris?

The groups gained the most while Great Britain had lost the land.

What were the costs of the First World War 1 for the world?

Type your answer here... It tepnds if you are talking about land mass distribution, deaths, money, or reasources bcause a lot of these things (usually the money and the deaths were in the millions for some countries) were gained or lost at the treaty of Paris

Who possessed land lost by Russia after world war 1?

Russia, technically, gave up the land to Germany. However, after the Central Powers lost the war, that land was made into new countries, such as Finland and Poland.

How did the treaty change the world map?

because of the treat and of the war alot of the allies had lost and also gained territory. Several new countries were created.

In Great Britain during World War 1 how much land was gained lost?

That would be none. Great Britain is an island. It didn't change shape.

What was the advantages and disadvantages of colonization in Indonesia?

lost money gained land and resources and got shot.

Where are the electrons gained or lost from?

Generally the valence electrons are gained or lost

Which countries lost land between 1750 and 1763?


Which countries lost land as a result of the congress of Berlin?


What countries lost land between 1750 and 1763?


When the Treaty of Ghent was signed and the War of 1812 ended what was the outcome?

Neither side lost or gained land.

Was Mexico bigger?

Yes, it used to be bigger. Through its history, it has gained and lost various parts of land.

After ww1 Japan gained control of?

Japan didn't gain control of anyone if anything they lost land.

What was a result of the 1763 Treaty of Paris?

England gained massive amounts of land France lost almost all of its land in North America.

Type of compound where electrons are gained or lost?

An ionic compound is a compound where electrons are gained or lost. They are lost or gained to make an equal number of electrons in the compound.

Which country lost land ww1?

Germany gave up first, and so they lost loads due to the Treaty of Versailles, but loads of other countries lost land too.