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Which countries in southwest Asia don't have oil?

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What resource do the countries of Southwest Asia have a shortage of?


What is the role of oil in economies of the countries of Southwest Asia?

oil is there chief commodity

How has the discovery of oil affected the position of southwest Asia in the world?

Oil was first discovered in Southwest Asia in 1908. Since then, oil fields in many regions of Southwest Asia have been found, and other countries rely heavily on Southwest Asia for oil to meet the demands of their economies: transportation requires gasoline (which is oil in a refined form) and power plants burn oil to produce electricity. Specifically, the United States, Japan, and many European countries heavily depend on Southwest Asia for oil because it is home to such vast amounts of petroleum. So, Southwest Asia's oil fields are important to many countries' economies, and thus the world economy, making Southwest Asia very important in terms of world position. For more information on oil in Southwest Asia see the Related Link below.

Are oil reserves distributed equally among the countries of Southwest Asia?


Are oil reserves disstrbuted equally among the countries of southwest Asia?


Why do so many countries depend on southwest Asia?

Because of their oil industry

What impact does the presence of oil in the region have on the economies of the countries in southwest Asia?


How is the distribution of oil has affected the development of Southwest Asia?

Countries with oil are richer than the others without oil

Which four countries are the most oil rich in southwest Asia?

what 4 countries are the most oil-rich in the southwestern Asian region

How is oil distributed in southwest Asia?

This is distributed, by a group of countries in South west Asia Called G-unit.

Which countries have the largest deposits of oil in southwest Asia today?

saudi arabia and iraq

What bodies of water surround the oil producing countries of Southwest Asia?

Persian Gulf

What body of water in southwest Asia that produces oil?

Countries around the Arabian Gulf produce the most oil. (:

What is the main export of southwest Asia?

oil is the major export of southwest Asia

How has the discovery of oil in southwest Asia affected the economic development of this area?

The countries with oil reserves are much richer than those countries that have not found oil in their territory.

What is the natural resources of the southwest Asia?

The natural resources of Southwest Asia are oil and water

Which countries in Southwest Asia have no major oil fields or known deposits?

Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon

What would be a good sentence with the word crude oil that includes the term and words southwest Asia?

There is crude oil in Southwest Asia.

What are the four countries that are large oil producers in southwest Asia?

U.A.E.,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Iraq,Kuwait.

How has oil production affected some countries in southwest Asia?

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What is the major occupation of Southwest Asia?

A major occupation in southwest Asia is oil exploration and drilling and agriculture.

Importance of oil in south west Asia?

The importance of oil in Southwest Asia is the oil is needed in big countries like U.S.A & Canada so people buy oil from south west Asia. And they get money. simple right ? d(^.^)b - Mafiya

Why does southwest Asia have a lot of oil?

Southwest Asia has a lot of oil because deep underground, in most areas, there is a type of rock that they drill through. Inside that rock is oil. So all around the area of southwest Asia there are these "oasis" of oil inside of rocks that they drill out.

Which resource is most abundant in southwest Asia?


What are 2 southwest Asia that do not have an abundance of oil?

The two southwest Asian nations that do not have an abundance of oil are Turkey and Israel.