Which countries play baseball?


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Argentina Australia Austria Bahamas Belgium Canada China Columbia Costa Rica Cuba Ecuador El Salvador Fiji Finland France Germany Greece Iceland India Iran Iraq Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan North Korea South Korea Laos Mexico Neatherlands New Zealand Oman Poland Puerto Rico Russia Saudi Arabia Taiwan Thailand United Kingdom United States of America Yeman Venezuela Vietam

* While baseball is a big sport in countries like the USA and Japan, the vast majority of the countries included in the above list do not play baseball as a major sport - it is mostly a minority sport played only by small clubs and enthusiasts. In the UK for example, there are no stadiums built exclusively for baseball.

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what countries is baseball origin

No because some countries don't even play baseball.

Finland plays a form of baseball basically the same as American baseball. China, Japan, some in England, and some in Australia.

Most Caribbean countries play it, such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. Another one would be Mexico, with its own national league.

I say the United States,Japan, Dominican Republic,and Venezula are the four biggest countries that play baseball

there will be 16 countries in mens play and 12 countries in womens play there will be 16 countries in mens play and 12 countries in womens play

Two: Canada and the United States. These are the only countries where MLB teams play. However the players come from many more countries

Every country plays baseball. Notably America, Canada, Japan, and Venezuala. -All-Star Memorabilia of Cooperstown

Do you love playing baseball? -> then play Do you feel a NEED to play baseball? -> then play Does your health allow you to play baseball safely? -> then play Do you have enough time to play baseball? -> then play

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

There really is no answer. Lots of countries play golf!

All the countries in the world play netball. The difference is the exposure and the professionalism in the different countries.

Not many countries play rugby league.

ANSWER:Three countries that play tennis are Switzerland, Wimbledon and Australia.

There are many countries that play the water polo. Over 100 countries in various part of the world play the water polo.

As baseball is played all around the world many teams play in foreign countries. However, the only major league team to play in a foreign country are the Toronto Blue Jays who play home games in Canada.

About 252 countries play soccer. So..yeah..all the European countries and North America.

A baseball speed play is when there is a play that is going fast.

Over 12 million people play paintball in the world, the numbers rise everyday (they already out number the people who play baseball!), and include over 100 countries!

She doesn't play baseball..

yes he does play baseball

It depends on the country, but the vast majority of countries play either football ( soccer) or baseball as their primary sport. For example, in Nicaragua, football is the number one sport, but in Panama the number one sport is baseball.

five spanish speaking countries play soccer

There are many countries play volleyball besides the US. I think almost all the countries play volleyball, but besides US, Japan, England, China and Canada also play volleyball~

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