Which countries still use gallons?

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USA, Belize, Haiti, & Jamaica
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What is a US gallon?

Answer . 1 gallon [US, liquid] = 3.785 411 784 liter. 1 gallon [US, dry] = 4.404 883 8 liter

Which countries use the UK gallon?

Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Burma, Grenada, Guyana, Sierra Leone and the United Arab Emirates.\n. \nIt is no longer legal in the UK but is used colloquially.

Which country still uses pounds?

It depends on whether you mean pounds weight, or pounds money. The pound weight (abbreviation 'lbs.') is only used in the USA. every other country which formerly used the pound weight now uses the metric system. The pound is a unit of currency (symbol '£') in the United kingdom (cod ( Full Answer )

Imperial gallon to us gallon?

The US gallon is slightly less than a imperial gallon. The conversion is IMP x 1.201 = USG. So 5 imp gallons x 1.201 =6 usg. Or to go the other way, USG x 0.833 = IMP

What countries still use modern crucifixion?

Japan used it in WWII but doesn't anymore. Predominantly, Islamiccountries of Burma, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Syria have hadrecent crucifixions.

How many countries still use the English system of Measurement?

Only 4 remaining countries use the English Imperial system of measurements 1) Liberia 2) Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) 3) United States of America 4) UK* *Though The metric system is in official use within the United Kingdom; however, use of Imperial unit is widespread in many cases." ( Full Answer )

What countries still use the imperial system?

The U.S.A, Liberia, and Burma and the United Kingdom use the Imperial System. Miles, Yards, Feet and Inches for road signs. Almost everyone weighs themselves in Stone and Pounds. Though in The UK the EU tried very hard to 'Metricate' the UK, and turned it into an Imperial-Metric society. In the UK, ( Full Answer )

Do countries still use the barter system?

No. Barter System was one of the ancient ways of exchange of goods and services. Nowadays cash and currency has replaced the barter system. People usually pay for goods and services in money.

Are there any countries that still use gold coins?

No country uses gold for circulation coins because the metal's price changes every day. It would be impossible to mint a coin and have it be worth a specific amount of money.

What countries still use capital punisment?

The following countries, still have capital punishment for drug abuse: United States Iran Singapore India (no execution carried out for such offenses) Kuwait Bangladesh Indonesia Egypt Saudi Arabia Malaysia Pakistan Afghanistan Zimbabwe Brunei Vietnam Laos Iraq Oman ( Full Answer )

What countries that still use the system of capitalism?

Capitalism is more a system of economy, that to some extent is used almost everywhere in the world. It's the principle that private owned things make money. Of course the modern capitalist state would only guarantee the rights to have such private property and the state itself has some property, but ( Full Answer )

What country uses the terms gallon and mile?

\nOnly a few small countries, including some Caribbean nations heavily influenced by the U.S., have not formally adopted the use of metric measurement for miles and gallons. The United States is the only major country using gallon and mile.

What country uses the term gallons?

Countries that use 'Imperial' measurement systems (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_units ). I.E. Most countries that DON'T use the metric system.

Why do some countries still use DDT?

It's a cheap way to control mosquitoes in undeveloped areas. Mosquitoes are the vectors for malaria and DDT is effective in controlling the population. India, China, and N. Korea still produce and export DDT however agricultural use is banned by the 2004 Stockholm Convention. India and N. Korea m ( Full Answer )

What is an ibrik and what countries still use one?

An ibrik is usually made from brass or enamel that is used to brew coffee. This 'coffee pot' is placed directly over a heat source and has a long handle for safety. . Ibriks are used in the Middle East, Greece and Turkey. To make coffee in an ibrik first the coffee is ground very fine and a table ( Full Answer )

Which countries still use the English System?

It's worth pointing out that the American use of the term, 'English System', is somewhat of a misnomer, and the term ' US Customary ' would be better. This is because there are a number of differences between the old British 'Imperial System' and what Americans generally refer to as the 'English Sys ( Full Answer )

Do South American countries still use horses?

There are still many places in South American countries that use horses for non-recreational purposes. In small and isolated villages the horse is still used for transportation and work. But South American countries are also strong contenders in Olympic and world class equestrian competitions. So it ( Full Answer )

What do countries still using the franc have in common?

they speak French Not true. Switzerland has the Swiss franc, and in Switzerland they speak German, French and Italian. But, in German it is spelled "Frank", in French it is spelled "franc".

What country in africa still uses standard measurement?

Every country uses the system of measurement that's 'standard' inthat country. The 'Metric System' is standard for every country in the world,except three of them. Liberia, Myanmar, and the USA use pounds, inches, and gallons,innocently referred to as the 'customary' system.

Which country is still using democracy?

90% of wolrd countries are still using democracy eg- oldest democracy England Biggest Democracy- India Most successful Democracy- USA What do you mean by "still"

What countries still use the abacus?

The abacus was used in Russian even as late as 1976 in grocery stores in Moscow. Basically any country that does not have access to a cheap pocket calculator. I'm sure you can find many places in third world countries that use it for business transactions. It needs no batteries and when used by a pe ( Full Answer )

What countries still use custamary units of measurement?

Definition of Customary System of Measurement . The Customary System of Measurement is derived from the earlier English system of measurement. More about Customary System of Measurement . In customary measurement system length, capacity, weight, and temperature are measured. Units for lengt ( Full Answer )

Which countries still use dictatorship?

- Burma - Chechnya, a disputed territory controlled by Russia - Cuba - Libya - North Korea. - Somalia - Sudan - Tibet, a disputed territory controlled by China - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan.

Why do some countries still use the death penalty?

The death penalty offers a number of features which appeal to authoritarian governments. These are: 1. The death penalty is considered to be an effective deterrant to crime, since people don't want to die. 2. Provided there is no lengthy appeals process, it is much cheaper to kill people than it ( Full Answer )

What countries still use coins every day?

Nearly every country uses coins for small currency amounts. At thiswriting (2016) only Belarus and Laos don't use coins, mostlybecause their currencies are so devalued that coins cost more tomake than they are worth.

What countries still use torture today?

The United States used some methods that have been called torture tactics at Guantanamo Bay to gain "vital info" from terrorists after the 9/11 attacks and continuing pursuit of other terrorists planning to harm the US or US assets and its citizens at home or abroad. However, none of the tactics res ( Full Answer )

What are 5 countries that still use the metric system?

Every country in the world uses the metric system, except for a small elite and distinguished group comprised of Liberia, Myanmar, and the USA. The USA also uses the metric system when products are manufactured for export, the reason being that nobody will buy our goods if we don't. But for domes ( Full Answer )

Can other countries still use google.be?

Yes, that search site is not obsolete. In fact, you can access it right now. I just tried going to the site and I am in the United States of America. It works just fine.

How many country still use a steamboats?

USA still do but as a touristic past feel such as The 'Delta Queen' Boat that sails through the Mississippi river. In The Philippines they also use steam boats still as well. As does China in certain areas. Source: I have traveled to these places.

Which countries still use euros?

The Euro is used in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, and Estonia.

What countries still use the customary?

The customary system of weights and measures is now customary in a grand total of 3 countries: Liberia, Myanmar, and the US of A.

What countries still use inches feet and yards?

The US, Burma (Myanmar) ,india and Liberia are the main countries. Some smaller countries have also not yet advanced past the eighteenth Century in this respect!

Which countries still use a rickshaw?

First created in the late 19th century, the original rickshaw is now referred to as a 'pulled-cart', which generally held two people and would have been pulled by one man. This type of rickshaw tends not be used anymore, except for in Calcutta. There are now other forms of rickshaw that are more com ( Full Answer )

Why do some countries still use the imperial system?

Because there will always be a minority of people that are not familiar with the SI. They cannot be bothered to learn a new, but much better system. The political will to change is not there because the benefits of a switch would accrue after the life of a government.