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Q: Which countries still use gallons
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What countries still use rationing?

not enough, they are still fat bastards :(

When did gallons change to liters?

They didn't, some countries use one ond some the other.

What countries still use 1G?


What country uses the term gallons?

Countries that use 'Imperial' measurement systems (see ). I.E. Most countries that DON'T use the metric system.

What countries still use tie dye?

countries that mostly used tie dye

What countries still use capitalism today?

country's that still use capitalism today are Italy Spain and Greece.

How many countries still use polytheism?


What countries still use silver coins?


What countries still use flamethrowers today?

Not sure but I do know the PLA still uses them.

How many countries still use the customery system?


Is there any countries that still use the guillotine as a death penalty?


Which countries still use whale products?

Japan, Norway and Iceland still hunt whales and also use whale products.

Which countries still use the guillotine as a way of executing criminals?


What type of money does Europe use?

Many of the countries in Europe now use the Euro but several countries, such as the United Kingdom and Norway, still use their own individual currencies.

Which countries still use corporal punishment in schools?

There are a number of countries which still use corporal punishment in schools. Some of them include Malaysia, Costa Rica, India, Pakistan, Philippines and so many others.

In what countries is DDT legal?

Some 3d world countries still use it, but there is no way to know for sure how many.

What currency is used by the majority of European Union countries?

Most countries in the European Union use the Euro, while some of them still use their own currencies.

What two countries still use the Standard or English Measuring System?

Britian and the United States still use the English Measuring system. ========================================= -- The two countries that still use the English system of weights and measures are the USA, Myanmar (Burma), and Liberia. -- There is nothing standard about that system, except in those two countries.

Which countries still use the death penalty?

u.s. , roman,italy, england, use death penalty

Are imperial units still used today?

Certainly. Many countries use them.

Which has a contant of proportionality equal to 4?

One example, for those who still use obsolete measurement units, is quarts and gallons.

Which countries still use execution as a punishment for crimes?

China, United States, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq, India are some of the countries that still use execution as a punishment for crimes.

Why do rivers matter?

Because in some places, they still use rivers to transport goods from countries to other countries.

Are typewriters still in use?

Yes they are still in use by some authors who use typewriters for their books. In developing countries these are also still used in some government offices and court houses. But computers are fast replacing these. - Neeraj Sharma

Which countries use customary measurement system?

The troglodyte three: USA, Burma and Liberia. However, some other countries do still use the customary system for specific measures.