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The leading apple growing country is China, producing about 41% of the world's apples. Most countries of the world produce apples.


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They can be grown anywere but mostly in an orchard

Mostly Australians get their apples from their own country. They are grown in the cooler areas of the country, such as in Tasmania and the hills area of South Australia.

Apples are mostly grown on trees and usually grown by seeds

Apples are grown on trees in orchards.

Apples are grown on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Apples are grown in America,England,Ireland!!

custard apples are grown in the west midlands

carrots mostly, but well corn :)

it depends on how they are grown. if they are grown poorly, they will grow small. if they are grown GREAT, they will grow large

They are grown on trees only! Factories purchase apples from Apple orchards and make apple products from the tree grown apples.

Apples are not grown in Karachi. In Pakistan apples are grown in Baluchistan, interior sindh, northern areas of Pakistan and in Kashmir.

dates, apples, and figs.apples

There are over 7500 apples grown worldwide. In the USA, more than 2500 of these apples are grown. Apples vary in colors from Red, Yellow, and Green.

Apples usually come from farms, where they are grown and harvested. Many apples are grown in Washington State, which has good farm land for growing apples.

Apples can be grown nearly anywhere in the US. Mexico does not have very many, and much of Canada is too cold. The bulk of the US supply of apples is grown in the state of Washington.

There are different types of apples, please resubmit with the type of apple. I know Granny Smith apples were first grown in Australia though.

Apples can be purchased in any supermarket in Santo Domingo. They are grown in the cooler mountain areas of the country and are also imported from other countries.

Organic apples are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. Non organic apples are grown with those harmful chemicals.

Spinach is mostly grown in central and south west Asia including China and India. Its also grown in some parts of America

This is a ll I can think of right now grapes, apples so mostly fruit and so veggies.

Brazil is the biggest coffee producing country in the world.

Rice is mostly grown in the South. ^.^

Both apples and peaches are fruits that are grown on trees.

Yes, there are hundreds of orchards growing apples in the UK.

Apples are grown in orchards, which means they are grown on trees. Trees need to be pruned and fertilized every year in order to produce more apples.

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