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Hinduism started in India. you may notice that all of the gods are Indian too.

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Q: Which country did Hinduism start in?
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What are facts about the country Hinduism?

Hinduism is a religion, not a country.

Who made Hinduism and what year?

How did Hinduism all start? How many Hindu gods are there? What evidence made Hinduism start?

What is the one country where Hinduism is popular?

the one country where HINDUISM is popular is India

What country did Hinduism originated from?

its India where Hinduism has originated.

What country did Hinduism originate?

its India where Hinduism has originated.

What is the only country that has Hinduism as their national religion?

The only country as Hinduism as their national Religion is Nepal. In India Hinduism is not a national Religion.

How is Hinduism problematic if you want to start an empire?

no, Hinduism is not problematic to your idea. Hinduism is rather very supportive if you want to start an empire.

What country is 80 percent Hinduism?

80% of Hinduism is found in India were Hinduism was "born".

Which country did hinduism begin in?

Hinduism first began in the great country of India. Mythology states that hinduism began in modern kashi in India.

Did brahmanism start the religon Hinduism?

No. Brahmanism came from Hinduism.

Who made Years and Years?

How did Hinduism all start? How many Hindu gods are there? What evidence made Hinduism start?

How did Muhammad start Hinduism?

Muhammad did not start Hinduism, Hinduism dates back to around 5,000 years ago and, it was Islam that was found and led by Muhammad, in the 600s A.D.

What is Hinduism and where did it start?

Hinduism is one of the Dharmic / Indian Religions and it started in India.

What country did Hinduism begin?

from India

In what country did Hinduism originate?


What is the country of origin for Hinduism?


What is the country or origin of Hinduism?

it is india.

Country of origin of Hinduism?


What country was Hinduism founded in?


In what country was hinduism founded?


Did Hinduism start in India?


Hinduism is religion practiced by the majority of people in which Asian country?

Hinduism is paracticed by majority of people in Asian country "Hindustan" (other names of this country is "Bharat" and "India")

How many Hinduism country in the world?

there is only one Hindu country in the world Nepal. While India has majority of Hinduism but it is not only a Hindu country rather a secular.

What Caribbean country is Hinduism practiced?

Hinduism is practiced through out the world. SO in most of the Caribbean countries you can find followers of Hinduism.

Which country is Hinduism the majority religion?

Hinduism is majority Religion in India & Mauritius. Moreover in Nepal & Myanmar Hinduism is also in majority.