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They were searching for unexplored lands in order to find treasures, like gold, precious stones and valuable wood.

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Q: Which country did the Portuguese hope to reach?
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Who was the Portuguese man to reach the Cape of Good Hope?

Bartolomeu Dias.

What is 'hope' when translated from English to Portuguese?

"Hope" in English is esperança in Portuguese.

Why is the Portuguese flag colours green and red?

The green on the flag symbolizes hope, while the red on the flag represents the blood of the portuguese that was shed defending their country.

The first europeans to reach china by sea in 1513?

The Portuguese

Why the Portuguese became leaders of European exploration?

Actually the Portuguese became world leaders of exploration, from Brazil to Japan. We discovered Brazil, we were the first Western country to reach Japan, etc. This is all due to the portuguese navigators, who were ages ahead of any other country at the time, since their knowledge was granted by Arab settlers/invaders and developed by portuguese specialists of the time.

Is Portugal a foreign country if im Portuguese?

If you are Portuguese, Portugal is your home country.

What is the country of Portuguese?

Portugal and Brazil. Portuguese is a language not a culture.

Portuguese is the culture of what country?

Portugal and Brazil. Portuguese is a language not a culture.

Why did Portuguese sailor begin exploring along the coast of Africa?

To reach Asia

What is the name of currency for Portuguese?

The word currency in Portuguese is MOEDA :) i hope i helped

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