Which country did the word fish originate?


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Derived from the latin word piscis. and chips originated in the UK

where did fish originate from

the word waffle originated from the country Asia.

France..the word coined from french...

in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form

It is absolutely positively French :):):):):):):)

It is of Arabic origin, but the exact country isn't known.

this word "contra" originates from Spain meaning 'against'.

The word decas comes from Italy. Hope this helps

'Kilo' is derived from a Greek word meaning thousand.

It comes from an old Lower German word: smuggeln

It is slang for "Scottish," which comes from "Scotland," which is a country.

It is believed to have originated in the Asian tropics.

Ancient Rome (from the Latin, judex).

Contra is from Latin meaning 'against'

From Germany, the word would be 'abseilen' meaning to descend by rope

'Tea' in that fiorm is a British word. It is a corruption of the Chinese word that is pronounced 'cha'.

The name is originally from an Ancient Greek word δελφύς (delphys) which meant 'womb'; it was a fish with a womb.

Curry originated from India in Tamil and kari

The alligator comes from the Spanish.

Many people suggest it originates from Italy.

Shariba from Arabic but the exact match is Turkish.

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