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Which country flag has a map on it?

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Both Cyprus and Kosovo depict the outline of their nation on their flag.

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Country which has map on its flag?


What country has its map on its flag?


Which EU country flag contains a map of that country?


Which country has its map on its national flag?

Cyprus and Kosovo are the only two nations to depict their country on their national flag.

Which country besides Cyprus has its map on the flag?

Kosovo, which recently became independent, has put a map of the country on its flag. Kosovo and Cyprus are the only countries to have maps on their flags.

Which country has its own map on its flag other than Cyprus?


Which country has sea shore in its national emblem?

Cyprus has its map on the flag.

What is the flag of Cyprus?

The flag of Cyprus is very unusual in that it contains a map of the country. It is a copper coloured map of Cyprus on a white background with two olive branches underneath.

What does the Cyprus flag have on it that no other country does?

The Cyprus flag has a map outline of the island country - something that no other country has! While in reality, Kosovo also has the country outline on its map, it is not yet a fully recognised country across the world(ony 91 members of the UN recognise it, Russia and China don't recognise it among others), nor is it a member of the United Nations.

What country's flag includes an outline of an island?

The national flag of Cyprus consists of a picture of the island, with two pictures of olive branches below.The national flag of Kosovo also includes a map of the country on its flag, though it is not an island.

What is the only country with a map of the country on its national flag?

cyprus , kosovo if u consider kosovo as a country then u got 2 if u consider kosovo as a serbian country then your answer is cyprus

What country has no flag?

Every country has a flag, there isn't a country without one !

Which country has no flag?

None, every country on the planet has a flag.

Are moroccan people black?

There is no such thing as Black. Can you find the country Black on a Map? Where is the Black Flag? The Moroccan people are Moroccan or Moors.

Country without national flag?

There is no country without a national flag.

On the map, B is the country of?


Why should you respect your country flag?

The flag symbolizes the country, so if you respect your country, you should also respect your country's flag. But then, I don't know which country you live in, or how respectable that country may be.

Which one was the beautiful country flag in the world?

The most beautiful country flag in the world is the flag that represents your own country.

What does Canada's flag do?

Canada's flag represents their country. Canada's flag does what every other flag does.

Why is it important for a country to have a flag?

a flag represents the love of the country.It also unities the country.Without a flag a country cannot represent its nature.

What country has a flag with 5 interlocking rings?

I don't think that any country has a flag like that. But I do know that is the flag for the world olympics.

Why does Zimbabwe have a flag?

Because each country has it's own flag. Therefore since Zimbabwe is a country in the continent of Africa, it has a flag.

Why does Australia have a flag?

Australia as a flag because it is a country

What country has a flag with a tree on it?

Lebanon's flag has a tree on it

Why is there a flag of every country and State?

so everyone knows that its not just one country if every country had the same flag