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Q: Which country has Highest tea consumption 1997?
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What Country had the highest tea consumption of tea in 1997?


Which country had the highest consumption of tea in 1997?


Which country had the highest consumption of tea 1997?


Which country has the highest tea consumption?

Turkey consumes 2,8 kg of tea per capita

Which country is highest in tea production?

Sri Lanka is probably the highest in tea production. Most of the tea that the UK drinks is from Ceylon (the ancient name for Sri Lanka).

What year was tea first drunk?

China is the first to have records of tea consumption dating back to the 10th Century BC. Indian records list consumption about 500 BC. Japan records tea consumption about 800AD. Tea importation began in the UK in the 1660's

Can you put rubbing alcohol in tea?

NO! It is not for internal consumption.

What is grown in Sri Lanka?

For consumption: rice, coconuts, pineapples, tea. For export: The finest of Tea.

What are the release dates for The Tea Party - 1997?

The Tea Party - 1997 was released on: USA: 15 September 1997 (video premiere)

What is the origin country of tea?

China is the origin country of the drink tea.

Which has the highest caffeine content coffee or tea?

Coffee has more caffiene than tea.

Where does tea come from originally?

Tea is native to East and South Asia. The earliest records of consumption are from China in the 10th Century BC

Does Mexico produce tea?

No. Paradoxically, Mexico's tea consumption has skyrocketed, to over 20% annually over the last few years.

What country drinks the most tea?

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The country which drinks the most tea is Turkey.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tea - 1997?

The cast of Tea - 1997 includes: Frances Barber as Woman Simon Scardifield as Man

What brought Tea to this country?

user-generated content: report abuseWhat brought Tea to this country

What country does the word tea come from?

The word tea comes from the country of China. In China, tea was called cha, tcha, tay, and tee. In English, the word became tea.

Within the country of Turkey what is their tea called?

Rize Tea

Which country made the best tea in world?

.The country made best tea in the world in Sri Lanka

When did people first drink tea?

The earliest records of tea consumption are with China dating back to the 10th Century BC Around 2737 BC.

Does peppermint tea have tannins?

Peppermint tea does contain tannins but not as much as black, green or oolong tea does. Black tea has the highest amount of tannins among all the teas.

Which country produces the best tea?

The country that makes the Best Tea is Kenya. It is better than anyones in the World.

What country are tea bags made in?

Wherever tea bags are maid.

What other crops are grown in japan for domestic consumption?

apples, tea, citrus fruit. rice

Which country in Asia produces the best tea?

Best tea is from Sri Lanka. They export the best tea