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Norway...especially in the winter

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What coutry is Denmark in?

If you by that mean 'Country' you better get back to school :-) Denmark is a small country located between the countries of Great Britain, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Who is better Norway or dermark?

No such country "dermark"

What country is better Great Britain or England?

England :)

Is Norway better than the US in standard living?

Yes, Norway is the second best country in the world next to Iceland according to the World Health Organization

What are the Living conditions in a developed country?

Developed countries have better living conditions than developing counties. They most likely have better health care and better public infrastructure.

Who might attack Australia and why?

Britain, because they are jealous that Australia is a better country

Why English residents moved to Australia in the past?

To find a better life: conditions were quite grim in Britain after WWII.

Is Norway poor?

No Norway has a better welfare system and economy then we do in the U.S

What do you think about Norway?

Norway is a beautiful country to live with full facilities.Even for all kind and mind of people no one can find better place to live in my mind and i really deserve to live there in noway..............

Which country is londen in.?

London is the capital city of Great Britain (better known nowadays as the United Kingdom).

Richest country in Europe?

luxenbourg has the highest GDP however Norway is richer socially and has a better quality of life and has the 2nd highest GDP so i would say Norway overall. but if you are talking purely financially it is luxenbourg.

What made black people leave their country and come to Great Britain?

The promise of a better life with economic security

Is the sentence 'Norway has been a great fishing industry for a long time' correct grammar?

The sentence does not pose a question of grammar, but of sense. Norway is a country, and as such it cannot be an industry. The sentence would be better understood if it read: Norway has had a great fishing industry for a long time.

What attracted the vikings to the UK?

The Vikings came from Denmark, Sweden and Norway but those places were either too hilly, too sandy or had too many trees. So they invaded Britain for better land. Also Britain had lots of Food and Gold

Why did English settlers leave their native country?

Because Britain had bandages and to make use of them, they left. To start a better life.

Did the federalist like the french or Britain better?


Why did the vikings come to britan?

Because ther wasn't enough room for them in the narrow fijords of Norway. Because Britain had more suplies and had better quality in food but mosty because we had more money

Good education you Norway?

Norway has a very good education system. Much better than the U.S. for example.

What are the living conditions like in Malaysia?

To answer your question it depends where you are. If you are in the rainforest the conditions would be quite bad but if you aren't they would be better but not buy much because Malaysia is quite a poor country.

Is it better to go to Norway in the winter or summer?

In the summer Norway is beautiful with lots of wild fruits and glaciers - it has chocolate box like scenery and very warm welcoming people. In the winter Norway has allot of snow and ice and is very cold. If you like winter sports, especially cross country skying then this is the time to visit.

Why do Immigrants decide to come to Australia?

The same reasons any one does better living conditions, safer living conditions. some people have no choice but to find a new country to live in as a result of political or religious persecution back in the country that they came from.

How did the middle class transform the social structure of great Britain during the industrilization?

Laborers eventually won higher wages, shorter hours, and better working conditions :]

Why did Stalin want to improve the economy?

Because it was necessary. It is pretty necessary to build up a country and better the living conditions of the people.

Which of these was a goal of unions?

working conditions

Why is it better to live in the United states than Norway?

In my opinion that answer is in the eye of the beholder. Many people actually think that it is better to live in Norway than to live in United States, much because the government there offers more security, both medically , and financially, but you do get to pay less taxes if you live in the United States, but then again Norway has a higher per capita income than the United States. The ultimate answer though must be if you are an anti-socialist, Norway is a highly Socialistic country, which is something the United States is not.

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