Which country has count Dracula castle?

Romania Vlad Dracula was actually a Wallachian warlord who fought against the Turkish invaders during the 15th century. The name Dracula came from his father who also fought the Turks; Dracul meant Dragon (from a German order of knights) hence Vlad Dracula "son of the dragon". Vlad had a passion for impaling his enemies on huge stakes and picked up the catchy nickname of Tepes - the Impaler. Vlad was a little psychotic and regularly took to having his dinning table placed outside near the dying so that he could watch the show whilst having dinner. On one occasion there were so many impaled enemies hanging around that the area became known as the "Forest of the Impaled". Despite his cruel and savage reputation Vlad Tepes is a national hero, remembered for defending Romania against the invading Ottoman Empire and references to him can be found all over Romania. I Don't Know Sucker! lol