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Australia hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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Q: Which country hosted 2006 commonwealth game?
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Who is the country hosted the 2006 commonwealth game?

Australia (Melbourne) hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Where was the first commonwealth game hosted?

First commonwealth game hosted in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1930

What country hosted 1992 Olympic game?


Which country hosting commonwealth game in 2014?

Glasgow, Scotland

Which country has won the most medal's in athletics in The Commonwealth Game?


What was the first year Australia hosted a Commonwealth Game?

Australia first hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1938. The Games (then known as the British Empire Games) were held in Sydney for eight days from February 5th to February 12th and featured 464 athletes from 15 nations participating in 71 events.

Which country hosted the 2008 Olympics game?

China more specifically beijing, china

How do you arrange to participate in the Commonwealth Game?

Live in a country that participates in the Commonwealth Games.Select a sport that is played in the Commonwealth Games.Become very good at that sport.Win the appropriate competitions in your country to be named to your country's team for that sport in the Commonwealth Games.Participate in the GamesORGo to the location of the GamesBuy ticketsParticipate as a member of the crowd watching the games.

How officially declares the commonwealth game open?

the person who represents the queen in the country the the games are played

Who won the first gold medal in the last commonwealth game?

if it is which country it is Australia and they got it in swimming.

Are the commonwealth game affiliated with the commonwealth of nations?

Yes, they are.

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