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The country that began the Holocaust was Germany

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Where did the refugees go during the Holocaust?

Once the Holocaust had started, they were trapped. Before that (until about August 1941) they went to any country that would take them ...

Where did the Holocaust starteded?

The Holocaust started in Europe.

Who started the Holocaust memorial?

There are several Holocaust memorials ...

How old was Sura Andrezejko when the Nazis started the Holocaust?

she was 3 years old whin the holocaust started

What did Adolf Hitler have to do with the beginning of the Holocaust?

uh, everything? he STARTED the holocaust... do you even know what the holocaust is?

How long ago was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945. The Holocaust would of started 79 Years ago and ended 67 Years ago.

Who were the people who started the Holocaust?

The Nazis were the one fo the other persons who started the holocaust but also Adolf Hitler

What started the holacoast?

Hitler and the Nazi party's hatred and fear of Jews started the Holocaust.______________An alternative view is that the invasion of the Soviet Union started the Holocaust.

What day did the Holocaust started?

it started in late 1933 it started in late 1933

When was the first day of the Holocaust?

i think the holocaust started somewhere in January 1938...

How many people were lost in the Holocaust in 1932?

1932? The Holocaust hadn't started then.

What was the moral of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust started because hilter had hatred towards the Jews.

What did the Holocaust change in your life today?

nothing, my life started after the Holocaust was over.

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

What country was considered responsible for the Holocaust?

The holocaust was carried out by Germany.

Who started genocide in the Holocaust?


Was Christopher Columbus in the Holocaust?

No. He died over 400 years before the holocaust started.

What year was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust started in 1933(when the Germans took power), and ended in 1945.

Was the Holocaust a result of World War 2?

No, the Holocaust had already started and went into WW2.

Do you hate Germany?

Because of the Holocaust? No. Because if I did, that's what started the Holocaust in the first place.

Was there something specific that started the world war 2 or an issue in the holocaust?

It was not an issue in the Holocaust.

Did world war 2 start before or after the holocaust?

WW2 started before the Holocaust.

If you were 6 when the Holocaust started how old would you be now?

Probably 73 or 74. The holocaust started in either 1942 or 1943. Or you would be dead.

Why did all Jews got blamed if only one had started the holocaust?

No jew started the holocaust Hitler blamed them for the surrender of Germany in WW1.

Who was the Leader in Germany who started Holocaust?


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