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Most likely Germany, they had the U-boats (underwater boats)

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Q: Which country was the best at submarine warfare during World War 2?
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Germanyhope that there submarine warfare and Attacks would lead to?

Germany's submarine warfare was unrestricted. These attacks led to World War I.

What is submarine warfare?

Submarine warfare is a military tactic used by many nations where submarines are used to attack enemy ships or as a direct deterrent. This was used extensively by the Germans during World War II.

What role did unrestricted submarine warfare have on the us during world war 1?

We warned them not to return to "un-restricted warfare." They did it anyway; we declared war.

What were the four new weapons introduced during world war 1?

The use of airplanes for survelence and fighting, submarine warfare, machine guns and chemical warfare

Who broke the German code in submarine warfare during World War 2?

The British code breaking group in Bletchley Park did.

What is unresricted submarine warfare?

Unrestricted submarine warfare is when submarines attach and sink other vessels (ships, freighters, tankers) without warning. Germany freely used unrestricted submarine warfare in WWI, and after that time, the rest of the world tried to have submarines abolished.

What was one unrestricted warfare development that led to US involvement in World War 1?

unrestricted submarine warfare

What nation violated Americas freedom of the sea?

Germany violated the United States freedom of the seas during World War I with its unrestricted submarine warfare.

In early 1917 the US got into World War 1 because?

Submarine Warfare

What event triggered the American entry into World War 1?

German submarine warfare

How did world war 1 effect subsiquent history?

WW1 introduced submarine warfare, tanks, chemical warfare, and aerial combat. Man's history already knew battleship warfare from Tsushima in 1905; and massed land warfare consisting of infantry. WW2 REFINED submarine warfare, tanks, and aerial warfare; chemical warfare was outlawed by treaty.

What is the importance of Naval Warfare in World War 1?

Except for submarine warfare; naval warfare in WWI was not important. What engagements did occur, tipped the balance in neither direction.

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