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Which country was the first to win the soccer world cup 3 times?

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The first country to win the world cup 3 times was Brazil

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Italy was the first country to win the world cup 4 times

The first country to win the first world cup , back in the year 1930 was the south American country of Uruguay.

Brazil. This country won 5 times the World Cup.

The first world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

Egypt was the first African country to participate in the World Cup when it played in 1934 FIFA World Cup.

Italy is the only country that has won the world cup soccer championship four times. However, Brazil has won the tournament five times, with Germany in third place with three titles.

Uruguay was the first country to win the world cup

The first football world cup was played in Uruguay, and won by Uruguay.

The first soccer world cup was in 1930, in Uruguay.

the best soccer team in the world is Spain

Brazil was the first country to win the world cup three times and so keep it.

Two countries have managed to win the world cup four times. They are italy and brazil.

The world cup soccer has been held 21 times.

Beazil and Italy have both won it 5 times

In the year 2010 the world cup will be held in South Africa for the first time. It will also be held in an African country for the first time.

Uruguay won the first ever world cup which they also hosted. They beat Argentina 4-2 in the final to win.

Brazil-5 times world cup champion, in second place is Italy with 4

Spain is currently ranked as the best international football team in the world.

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