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The City of Sacramento, California, is located at the northwestern corner of Sacramento County. I live here; it's a very nice spot. Drop me a line if you have any questions about Sacramento.

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Q: Which county is Sacramento located
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Where is Sacramento County located?

Sacramento County is located in the U.S. State of California. Sacramento is also the state's capital and it's county seat and has a population of 1,418,788 as of 2010.

Which county is Folsom located?

Folsom, CA is located within the Sacramento County.

Where is the Sacramento County prison located?


Where is the Sacramento County Historical Society in Sacramento California located?

The address of the Sacramento County Historical Society is: Po Box 160065, Sacramento, CA 95816-0065

What county is Sacramento California in?

It is in Sacramento County.

In which County can one find Sacramento?

Sacramento is located in the northern section of the state; Sacramento is a county. Often times it is called "north country" but that refers to the geographic location of it within the state of California.

Where is the Sacramento county jail located at?

Sacramento county jail is located on 651 I street in Sacramento. If one is looking to get directions from their house to this jail they can use a maps site and type this previously mention address into the destination box then type their own address in the start box

What is Fresno capital?

Fresno is the county seat in the county of Fresno located in the state of CA. The capital of CA is Sacramento.

What county is the California state capital in?

The capital, Sacramento, is in Sacramento County.

Where is the Placer County located?

Placer County is located in the beautiful state of California. It is located near Nevada to the eastern side of California. It is located in the region of Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada,

Is placer county in Sacramento?

Placer County is north and east of Sacramento, extending eastward over the Sierra Nevada to the border of the state of Nevada. Sacramento is in Sacramento County, California.

Where is Sacremento?

Where is Sacramento located?That depends on which one!Pick your Sacramento of choice:BrazilSacramento, Minas GeraisMexicoSacramento, CoahuilaUnited StatesSacramento, CaliforniaSacramento County, CaliforniaSacramento, KentuckySacramento River (California)Sacramento Valley (California)West Sacramento (California)UruguayColonia del Sacramento.

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