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The difference is what you want to be. Graphic Design would help you be a better graphic designer or a production artist. Advertising Design would help you better to be an art director or creative director. The difference is that advertising design would likely deal with the copywriting aspect of the field as well as the design. But with experience comes a director's position. Some people like creative designing as well as writing; some don't care. Good writing is as effective as an effective design, so I like the advertising design aspect.

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2008-08-30 03:38:48
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Q: Which course is better Diploma in Graphic Design or Diploma in Advertising Design?
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What is a better computer for graphic design a mac or PC?

The PC is better for graphic design because it has more capabilities and software for it than the Mac has.

Which is better art and design btec l3 extended diploma or art and design AS?


What should you go for rotoscopy or graphic design. i am good in roto but better in graphic designing what should you do?

The choice between these two careers will come down to what you enjoy more and are better at- rotoscopy or graphic design.

Where could one get help with the graphic designs of ones own website?

Duhh, on Photoshop. Join a blog. Join a graphic design chat room. Locate a graphic designer, and ask for their help. Better yet, just buy a graphic design book, and do it yourself. Save yourself some nerves.

Is Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop better?

Adobe Photoshop is better for editing photos, naturally. Adobe Fireworks is better for graphic design such as logos.

What has the author Poppy Evans written?

Poppy Evans has written: 'Exploring the elements of design' -- subject(s): Graphic arts, Commercial art 'Fresh ideas in Photoshop' -- subject(s): Computer graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic arts 'Graphic designer's guide to faster, better, easier design & production' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Printing, Graphic arts 'The graphic designer's source book' -- subject(s): Directories, Graphic arts, Graphic arts equipment industry 'The Best in Annual Reports' -- subject(s): Packaging, American Posters, Corporation reports, Commercial art, Periodicals, Signs and signboards 'Exploring Publication Design (Design Exploration Series)' 'Graphic Design Makeovers' 'Fresh ideas in Photoshop' -- subject(s): Adobe Photoshop, Computer graphics, Graphic arts

Why it's important to learn graphic design?

People who want to become graphic designers usually sign up for degree programmes at colleges and universities. Graphic designers create interesting visual content for specific groups of people. In graphic design classes, students often learn about logos, posters, brochures, and the layouts of brochures. This area of design includes not only type, but also photography and illustration. A good graphic design project will connect the brand with the people who are supposed to buy it. There are schools you can go to if you want to get into the field of graphic design or change careers within it. Before we talk about why graphic design is such a great job, let's take a closer look at why it's a good idea to study it. Why should you learn how to do graphic design? In the field of graphic design, people who are creative and look to the future will do well. You can reach your goals with the help of graphic design courses in Pune. If your industry is going digital, you may be able to work from anywhere in the world. Assuming you have marketable graphic design skills, you can work for a big company, help small businesses with their marketing, or go it alone, setting your own hours and choosing your own clients. To start, the design industry has a lot of room to grow. In India, there would be about 62,000 more jobs for graphic designers. Choosing graphic design courses after 12th would be a good idea if you have the skills for it. When students major in graphic design, they can work in many different fields, such as animation, fashion, interior design, and more. As these industries grow and get better, more jobs will become available. The interior design industry is expected to grow by 8.5% over the next few years, while the fashion retail industry is expected to grow by 9.7%. Graphic design will be used less in traditional fields like book design, journalism, and illustration, according to predictions for the next ten years. Traditional industries are expected to shrink by 2028, but newer industries like computer systems design, animation, video editing, and mobile advertising are expected to grow a lot by that same year. One of the best things about being a graphic designer is that you are in demand. If you want to have a good future, you might want to take some classes in graphic design. When you graduate, you'll be able to do a job you like while making a good salary. Since you're thinking about going back to school, it makes sense to think about how you'll pay for it.

Is it better to have an International Baccalaureate diploma or a European Baccalaureate diploma?

It is better to have an international degree.

Where can one go to school for cartoon animation?

One of the better places would be Full Sail University. It offers a Masters in Media Design, a Bachelor in Computer Animation and a Bachelor in Graphic Design.

Which tablet should i must have for interior design and graphic design and i use sketchup google programme and illustrator and photoshop and free sektch with pen?

If you are going to use a tablet for things like interior design and graphic design and need something that is compatible with Illustrator and Photoshop then I would aim for a Windows based tablet or an iPad. You can't get any better than Apple when dealing with graphics.

Is BTEC national diploma is better than National diploma?

deffo is

Who is better degree or diploma?


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