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There are many types of plants to be grown on clay, a common one would be walnuts. Clay soil is found in California.

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What crop is grown on alluvial soil?

Wheat And Rice are grown on alluvial soil

What crop is grown in peat soil?

I dont know about it

Which soil is rajma grown in?

from sand to hard clay

Why crops grown in sandy soil need frequent irrigation than the crop grown in clayey soilcrops grown in sandy soil need frequent irrigation than the crop grown in clayey soil?

Because the pore space (the space between soil particles) in sandy soil is so much larger. In sandy soils, the water is drawn by gravity downward and away from the roots quite easily, but in clay soils, the pore space is so much smaller that capillary action holds the water much more tightly. This is the same reason that clay soils flood more easily and take longer to dry out.

What is the best crop grown in black soil?

few plants....

Where is clay soil normally found?

The south is where red clay is found.

Which crop is grown between two cereal crops to restore the fertility of soil?

A legume crop is typically grown to help restore the nitrogen levels.

Which type of crop is grown iv arid soil?

tumhare ghar me

Where is peaty soil found in India?

clay soil is not found in india mostly

Can gold be found in clay soil?


In what type of soil is wheat grown?

Wheat usually grows in clay and loamy soils.

How does soil affect crops that farmers grow?

The soil determines what crops can grow, and how well they will grow. Organic matter in the soil, amount of clay, and pH (acidity) are all factors in how fertile the soil is. Different crops use different amounts of the various nutrients; this is why crop roatation and summer fallow are used. That way it gives the soil time to replenish its nutrients and then that crop can be grown again and not suffer from lacking nutrients.

Does rice grow in clay soil?

No, rice is normally grown in swampy soils.

Where clay soil found in India?


What soil resources are found in Nevada?


Where in India is clay soil found?

In the Punjab

Where is clay soil found?

deep into the ground

What is difference between Cereals and Millets?

cereals are large grained , grown as a main crop , grown in good soil and require good amount of rainfall , they are economically important whereas millets are small grained , grown as a mixed crop , grown in poor soil and require low rainfall , they are economically less important

What crop was unsuccessfully grown in New England because the soil was too poor?


What are the importance of soil survey?

Soil survey is important in order to check that the soil present in the farm is suitable or not for the crop which is to be grown. Also, we can check that the soil is acidic, basic, neutral. It helps farmers for a better crop production. That is why soil survey is important.

What are the differents types of soils are found in maharashtra?

Alluvial soilRed soilClay soil

Why did the black soil is known as cotton soil?

black soil is called an cotton soil because cotton is a well grown crop on the blacksoil which grows very well

Where did the Iroquois get clay?

Clay is one form of soil. It is found in different areas, but is frequently found along riverbanks.

What was a system of crop rotation that allowed for soil replenishment?

There are four groups of plants you should rotate: plants grown for leaves and flowers; plants grown for fruits; plants grown for roots; and legumes that feed the soil.

Animals that live in clay soil?

There is no one animal type that lives only in clay soil as their only habitat. The animals that can be found in clay soil are earthworms, amoebas, and various small insects.