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Which culture is best known for spreading civilized ideas to other lands?


What is the process of spreading ideas from a place of origin to another place?

When a particular race or culture spreads to another, it is known as cultural diffusion. The spreading of ideas can also be described as dissemination.

The spreading of ideas or practices from one culture to other cultures is known as cultural anthropology true or false?

False. Anthropology is only the study of human culture.

What king is most known for spreading the Greek culture to non- Greek areas?

Alexander the great was known for spreading Greek ideas throughout the Persian empire, from Greece as far east as India. The process was known as hellenisation.

Was Michelangelo most responsible for spreading the ideas of the Renaissance beyond Italy?

Spreading the Renaissance ideas was not the work of one man. Leonardo da Vinci was at least as well known as Michelangelo, and Renaissance ideas also comprised literature, poetry, philosophy, etc.

What is Macedonia famous for?

- Birthplace of Alexander the Great, Greek conquest of Persia and spreading Greek culture and language throughout the then known world.

Why were the Cherokee's known to be civilized?

By the early 1800's the Cherokee had assimilated many of the European culture. They built roads, churches and schools and had taken wearing immigrants clothing. The Cherokee also had a representative style of government. They had farms and cattle. If assimilating European customs is being civilized then they were.

When seeds are spread it is called seed?

Spreading of seeds on the ground is known as sowing. And spreading of seeds by wind is known dispersal.

Which southern native American tribes were known as the five civilized tribes?

The "Five Civilized Tribes" are the Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw

What was the most famous Greek city-state was?

Athens, Sparta, Macedonia. Athens is know for it's brains, Sparta is known for it's military strength and Macedonia is known for spreading the Greek language and culture to the rest of the world.

Ideas about what is good or bad in a culture are known as what?

well the thing that desides if something is good or bad is the moral/ethics. that mostly is the same for the whole culture, but so moral and etihics is also the something you deside for yourself

The spreading of waves into the region behind an obstacle is known as?


What are Nigerian known for?

they are known to be Nigerian

Were Shakespeare's ideas accepted immidiatly?

Shakespeare was not known for his ideas. He was known for his plays, which were indeed immediately popular.

The aedes mosquito can cause what?

Aedes mosquito is known for spreading malaria.

What civilization is known for spreading middle eastern civilization to the mediterranean?


Which culture was Known as the prosperous and seafearing culture?

Type your answer here... the assyrian culture best know

The ideas and beliefs of Karl Marx are known as what?

They are known as Marxism.

Who is best known for mathematical ideas about gravity and motion?

Sir Isaac Newton is best known for mathematical ideas about gravity and motion.

The five civilized tribes were forced to move to what is now Oklahoma what was their journey called?

It became known as the trail of tears.

Why was sea floor spreading not known during wegeners lifetime?

There was a lack of technology.

What was the oldest known Native American culture in north America?

archaic culture

How are tectonic islands formed?

By tectonic plates spreading across from which was first known as Pangaea is now spreading more and more out which forms more tectonic islands!

What was the prophet Muhammad known for?

The prophet Muhammad was known for being the leader of a major religious group. Specifically, he was known for spreading the word of peace to his followers.

Why is Asia known as the land of contrasts?

Asia is called the continent of diversity and contrast because each people in the region doesn't share the same culture,government,religion,races,ideas and etc...