Which cultures were represented in Hellenistic culture?

The main, core culture is Hellenic, Greek, especially that of Athens.The language is the Coene / Koine Greek, whose most famous document is the Christian bible, especially the New testament (Old tastement in the translation of the 70, from Hebrew). The Koine dialect is an amalgam of several Greek dialects but its core is Attic, the Greek dialect of Athens, with infusions of Macedonian (Northwest Greek), Aeolian, Ionian and even Doric. Depending on the area, several other cultures mixed with the core Hellenic to produced new, different Hellenictic cultures. In India and Afghanistan the local hellenic populations become aquainted with Buddhism, while in Alexandria and the rest of Egypt hey come close to the Egyptian pantheon. Serapis, a mix of Hermes and osiris was the most widespred of the new Gods, and not only in Egypt. Greeks also become aquainted with Iranian (Mithra) and Hebrew (Monotheistic) Gods, and the Great Mother / Cybele cult from Asia Minor spreads throughout the Hellenistic world. Sanskrit and Aramaic along with Egyptian Demotic become widely used (depending on the area, along with the official Koine Greek. In Art, Hellenic sculpture, mosaic making and painting spread through the then known world, leaving its imprint in later Roman and Indian and even in far Eastern (China, Japan, the sculptural depiction of Buddha, Buddhist wall paintings in Tibet and among the Tocharians in Xinjiang, etc) sculpture, in areas where the Greeks themselves (Alexander the Great, foremost) never even visited.