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Which current EPL Football player has played for five current premiership teams?


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2010-05-24 21:09:31
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Nick Barmby: Everton , Leeds , Spurs , Middlesboro, Liverpool.

(no longer playing)Andrew Cole: Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United, Blackburn, Fulham, Manchester City.

He now plays for Sunderland and was at Portsmouth last season, making it 8 teams

Dwight Yorke: Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Sunderland

David James: Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham United, Manchester City, Portsmouth

Micheal Brown: Manchester City, Portsmouth, Tottenham, Fulham, Wigan

Nicolas Anelka: Arsenal, Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester City, Chelsea

Nick Barrmby plays for Hull making it 6


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