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Complete Guess - Martin O'Neill

David O LearyDavid Oleary is not currently a premiership manager.Is the answer not Mark Hughes

is it not Steve Bruce

Not Mark Hughes, he didn't make his debut until 1983....Steve Bruce made his first FA Cup appearance in 1980 for Gillingham.....My guess would have been Brian Talbot but he isn't a PL manager. so I dunno...

Sorry but there isn't one

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Q: Which current premiership manager played in FA Cup finals in the 1970s 80s and 90s?
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Which ex premiership manager played in the fa cup finals in the 70s 80s and 90s?

David O'Leary played in the 79,80 & 93 FA Cup Finals for Arsenal

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The first premiership in NRL was played in 1908.

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as far as I know it is 17 grand finals played

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Mark Hughes?

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No,but they played in the "first division" in 1986. The first division was the highest league and the equivalent to the current premier league before its formation in 1992.

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