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The day you first start the light bleeding. Because you don't bleed for 2 days after the light bleeding, then don't count these days as your period. But its still day 1 of your period.

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What does the menstrual cycle start with?

The menstrual cycle starts with menstruation. The firswt day of your menstrual cycle is considered to be the first day of true bleeding during your menstrual phase.

Can you be pregnant and still menstrate?

no you will cease menstruation however there can be some bleeding at first

What is it called when a woman's vagina is bleeding?

This is called menstruation, unless there is a pregnancy or medical problem. When a girl at puberty has a first occurrence of vaginal bleeding, it is most likely menstruation, but it is good to have an exam by her health care professional to rule out any rare or unusual conditions.

Does your vagina blead when you start pubety?

Menstruation starts sometime in puberty, it's usually not the first sign.

Does a woman get her period 28 days from the first day she starts bleeding?


What do you call first menstruation?

the first menstruation called menage

Term for first menstruation?

The term for first menstruation is menarche.

Do some girls vomit before they first period?

Vomiting has little to nothing to do with menarche or menstruation in general.A girl can vomit at any time but it's not an indication of menstruation or menarche.

Can a girl get pregnant before menarche?

Yes, a girl can get pregnant before she reaches menarche. Menarche is first menstruation, and menstruation only occurs as a result of ovulation if the egg is not fertilised. Although sometimes first bleeding can be a result of hormonal changes, mistaken for menstruation, it still remains that a girl can become pregnant before reaching menarche.

Is a drop of blood in urine consider as a first day of your period?

No, blood in your urine has absolutely nothing to do with menstruation. Urine comes from your bladder via your urethra, whereas menstrual flow comes from your uterus via your vagina - two completely different bodily parts. The first day of menstruation is the first day of bleeding from your vagina. If you have blood in your urine it's a sign of a urinary tract infection so you should talk to your doctor.

Do the menstrual circle been counted but from the first day of the month or its from the first day a girl starts menstruating in a month?

The entire menstrual cycle for a human lasts from the beginning of menstruation to the beginning of the next menstruation. Generally around 28 days.

Miscarriage does cramping start first or the bleeding?

Cramping starts first then the bleeding usually follows not long after or u can have discharge followed by pain, then heavy bleeding.It just depends on the stage in pregnancy

When to breed female shepherd in heat?

In her second heat 9 to 13 days after she first starts bleeding.

Why did you spot 3 days before your period then start your period?

Most women will see spotting before their period starts, this is completely normal. Menstruation doesn't have an on/off switch, as hormone levels drop uterine lining starts to shed; it will shed a little at first, so blood would be light and show as spotting, then as it speeds-up you see clear bleeding.

What do you call the first menstruation of female?

The first menstruation is called menarche and is pronounced "meh-nar-kee".

Does menstruation affect your first-time sex?

No unless you have sex when you are bleeding. It works a bit as a lube and you might be more sensitive down there. That's it. You will still need protection.

Can a period occur 4 days after the previous one?

No, a person cannot occur four days after the previous one. Menstruation is part of the menstrual cycle, it's simply not possible for your entire menstrual cycle to occur in just four days. If you're bleeding four days after the end of your last period it may just be the end of your period, mid-cycle bleeding, or the first bleeding may have been something else other than menstruation.

Do you count your menstrual cycle from the beginning of your period or the end?

The first day of your period is the first day of your menstrual cycle, so start counting from there. The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding, don't count the days of spotting before menstruation.

Does weight affect when a child starts their first period--their body weight?

Menstruation occurs when a female is ready to have children, at least in the physical sense. When this happens, the body produces fatty tissue and blood to cushion the womb. However, if the female in question is not pregant, menstruation will occur to expel the extra material from the body. If the female in question is exceptionally skinny, then menstruation will not occur because the fatty tissue will be used in other parts of the body. Yes, body weight does affect when a child starts menstruation.

Why are you bleeding you had your period two weeks ago and got the depo shot?

Depo often causes spotting and bleeding in the first few treatments. This is nothing to worry about unless your bleeding becomes heavy. See your doctor immediately if that happens.

Which comes first ovulation or menstruation?

Menstruation is the body's way of disposing of an unfertilised egg, so ovulation must come first.

Is having small spots of brown blood menstruation?

yes, it is. this is how my first menstruation looked like.

Do you start counting from the day you start your period to 14 days?

Yes, day 1 is the first day one starts bleeding.

What happens before your period first starts?

You feel really bloated and its like having to go to the bathroom.But you realize your bleeding......there you go

Can an 11 year old skip periods?

Yes, an eleven year old child can skip a period. When a girl first starts menstruation, they are not always on a regular schedule.