Which direction do you travel from The World Trade Center to Penn Station?


The World Trade Center is bordered by West Street to the west, Church Street to the east, Liberty Street to the south, and Vesey Street to the north.

You can drive up Church Street to Reade Street (six blocks north of Vesey Street), then turn left onto Reade. Drive one and a half blocks west on Reade Street to Hudson Street. Then turn right and drive north on Hudson Street until it veers east and becomes 8th Avenue (one block north of Bank Street). Then follow 8th Avenue north to Penn Station (at 34th Street between 8th and 7th Avenues).

Or, you can drive north on West Street until it becomes 11th Avenue at Gansevoort Street. Then continue driving north on 11th Avenue until it becomes 12th Avenue at 22nd Street. Then continue north on 12th Avenue until you get to 34th Street. Then turn right onto 34th Street and continue east on 34th Street to Penn Station.