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Answer by ant. A man.


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Opposite of wheat grain, which contains more fiber and is better for the person. <----- this guy is a retart and didn't answer my question.

Well it consumes nutrients from the soil, water and sunlight. But I'd say no because the person who buys the grain is more a "consumer".

If you ignore the process of lifting the mass (just holding it when it gets there), they do the same work but if you include the lifting process, the tall person does more work because the mass is elevated to a higher point first.

The average human body has 100,000 or more hairs on their head

There are infinite potential sentences that can be created with the word head. Here is a short example. Person one: "My head hurts." Person two: "My head hurts too." Person three: "My head hurts more." Person four: "She said her head hurt, yours hurts too, and his hurts more." Each person can just add a word, or change a word to any current sentence and that will create a new sentence.

If you're referring to more than one head for a single school, the plural is 'heads of school'. If you're referring to one person head for more than one school, the plural is 'head of schools'. If you're referring to more than one person as head of more than one school, the plural is 'heads of schools'.

You hit the person in the head if he/she wants more you punch them

The number can vary from person to person, but the average is more than 100,000.

which requires more energy, pulling a load, lifting, or pushing a load?

Oats are a grain; a super grain! To learn more about the power of Quaker Oats, check out our website at:

Grains are grown on the prairies. The grain is stored in grain elevators before being shipped to a company that grinds the grain into flour.

Flour itself is not a grain, but is usually ground from one or more grains.

Skaters hold their blades to perform more difficult extensions. Grabbing the blade and lifting it above your head is a sign of flexibility.

You can learn more about good weight lifting plans at your local fitness clubs. There are many fitness clubs spread throughout the country, and most of them offer weight lifting lessons/sessions.

Lifting weight uses more calories and energy, so you can say that fat is burned

If you are lifting weights while you are on the scale you are bound to weigh more. However, if you find that after you have been lifting weights you weigh more this could be due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat.

Yes, if you were to fall over onto your head you could crack your skull (breaking your head) or more likely get concussion, I did by skiing! Lol

Yes. *It shrinks more across the grain than it does along the grain.

because it has mor nutrions and vice versa . Why then we have processed grain?

Cross grain means running across the regular grain of a piece of wood.Cross grain or crosswise grain in fabrics means that the fabric grain has more stretch than lengthwise but less than bias.

Yes someone can even have a bigger looking arm but have less dense muscle than another person. Dense muscle is built by HEAVY lifting.

Ginseng will help you with your energy. So when you are weight lifting or just doing day to day activities, you should have more energy.

It could harvest grain much faster than a scythe which was previously used. This means that you could get more grain, faster, and it would be more profitable.

Head Lice cannot jump and they do not live on other animals. You get them from head to head contact with another person. The lice crawl from their head to yours. If you get more than one louse and they breed, then you get eggs which hatch and you have an infestation.

because whiskey was worth more than grain and it was easier to transport.

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