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Which ecu is fiited to the mazda6 mps?


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September 13, 2011 12:46PM

Now some facts about the ECU itself.It is a Renesas (ex Hitachi) SH7058, running an SH-2 RISC CPU, has an on-board FPU and a bunch of peripheral modules (CAN interface, timers, analog-digital converters, etc.). The CPU runs at 40 MHz (for comparison, your desktop PC now typically has a dual core CPU that runs at more than 2000 MHz). Flash memory is 1 MB in size and could fit on a single floppy disk. But the code that controls is very low level and extremely efficient, that's why such simple mini-computer is sufficient for real time engine control.There is also a Hitachi operating system on the flash that does allow some level of multi-tasking and task-switching. It is also the nicest code on the ROM. Unfortunately not all Mazda developers were computer geniuses

The ECU has an interesting feature, called RAM emulation. What this means is that you can load a map into the RAM (memory) and tinker with it without flashing and see how the car reacts. Then when you are satisfied with the results, you flash it and the changes are saved. So you could basically go on a dyno and play with ignition timing until you are happy without the need to flash every couple of minutes and exceeding the flash limit.

The ECU is rated for 100 flashes. However, latest Subaru STIs use the same ECU and some guys have flashed them more than a 1000 times without any problems.

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