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The elements of the halogen family are more likely to bond with lithium. Chlorine readily combines with lithium to form lithium chloride.

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Is lithium iodide an element compound or solution?

Li(I) lithium iodide is an ionic compound (salt)

Are chlorine and lithium an ionic compound?

Lithium chloride is an ionic compound.

Is lithium acetate a ionic compound or a covalent compound?

Lithium acetate (CH3COOLi) is an ionic compound.

What is the binary ionic compound of lithium oxide?

Li2O lithium oxide, is a binary compound of lithium and oxygen and is ionic.

Are lithium and calcium an ionic compound?

No, lithium, an alkali metal, and calcium, and alkaline earth metal, do not form an ionic compound. On their own, each is a chemical element, and together they are a mixture, or perhaps an alloy.

Which element when formed with fluorine creates an ionic compound lithium carbon phosporus or chlorine?

Lithium reacts with fluorine to form an ionic compound, LiF. The rest all form covalent compounds

Which element forms an ionic compound when it reacts with lithium?

Bromine (Br) All nonmetals except the noble gasses will react with lithium to form ionic compounds.

Is lithium carbonate ionic or covalent?

Lithium carbonate is an ionic compound.

Is lithium carbonate an ionic compound?

Yes, lithium carbonate is an ionic compound with the formula unit Li2CO3.

What is the name for the ionic compound Li2CO3?

Lithium Carbonate is the name for the ionic compound Li2CO3.

Why is lithium and chlorine likely to form an ionic compound?

because the atoms of lithium are the type where they take any form easily and stick to other elements. Chlorine on the other hand is the element form of a noble gas, it doesn't mix. So when the lithium clings to the chlorine, with the chlorine being unwilling, then an ionic compound forms.

Is lithium oxide a molecular compound?

No, It is ionic. All lithium compounds are ionic.

Would sulfur and lithium cause a ionic or a molecular compound?

When lithium and sulfur combine, they do so as Li2S (lithium sulfide). This is an ionic compound.

What is the formula for the ionic compound between lithium and phosphorus?

The ionic compound lithium phosphide would have a formula of Li3P.

Is Li3Po4 a ionic or molecular compound?

Lithium phosphate is ionic as are all lithium compounds.

Is Li2SO4 a molecular or ionic compound?

LI2SO4, lithium sulfate, is an ionic compound.

What elements are in the compound lithium bromide?

There are two elements in the ionic compound Lithium Bromide: lithium and bromine.

Is chlorine and lithium a iconic compound?

Lithium combines with chlorine to form lithium chloride which is an ionic compound.

Lithium and fluorine makes?

An ionic compound, lithium fluoride.

What is the name of the compound made from lithium and chlorine?

LiCl is an ionic compound called lithium chloride.

What is the formula for the compound formed from fluorine and lithium?

Lithium and fluorine react together to form lithium fluoride which is an ionic compound.

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