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If you want to lose the belly fat you should use a treadmill. Its great for losing weight especially belly fat. It targets the fat and burns it. It might take a while but its worth it.

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Q: Which exercise machine is best for belly fat?
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What exercise is best for loosing the belly fat?


Are crunches the best exercise for belly fat?

You may think that doing crunches is the best exercise for belly fat, but it is not. Crunches build stomach muscles. Cardio is good for losing belly fat, but the fastest is resistance exercises.

What exercise is the best for back fat and belly fat?

saremick wrap and the work outs

What is the best exercising machine to reduce tummy fat?

My understanding is that walking is the best exercise for belly fat... so machine wise, a treadmill.

Is the flex belt effective for belly fat?

This device has no known beneficial results. The best belly buster is diet and exercise, such as crunches.

What is a home remedy for belly fat?

Diet and exercise

What is a belly fat burner?

A belly fat burner is a food or exercise that helps you lose fat around your belly. Sit ups, crunches or abdominal curls are examples of these.

What is the best way to lose belly fat and a lot of it?

Eat healthy foods, exercise on a daily basis, and drink.

What would be a good exercise to lose belly fat?

Good exercises to lose belly fat would be to work out the abs. The best exercises for that include the bicycle exercise, the captain's chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and long arm crunch.

Can an elliptical trainer reduce belly fat?

According to the health site Livestrong, to burn body fat and reduce a beer gut cardiovascular exercise is required. An elliptical machine is considered a cardiovascular machine and therefore would help to reduce body fat.

What have you done to lose belly fat?

Diet + Exercise is the best solution to lose your belly fat. Follow a diet plan which will suit you. Do cardio exercises at least 30 minutes a day Do strength training exercises on alternate days along with cardio exercise.

Will wrapping abdomen with plastic bag help lose belly fat?

No, that's just a myth. The best way to lose excess belly fat is a reduced-calorie diet combined with regular exercise.

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