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Favorable geography

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Which factor led to the development of civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia?

The geographic factor that was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations would be the river. This is because it gave them fertile soil to grow crops.

Greed was not a major factor in the development of the Aztec and Inca civilizations. the greed mainly manifested when the Spanish and Portuguese explorers found out the natives had vast gold and silver resources. Much of the natives' incentives were connected to the worship of their gods.

one pus factor that mesopotamia left

Q: Which geographic factor is most associated with the decline of the Indus Valley civilizations?A: Isolation from other civilizations

The major factor for early civilizations was proximity to water, and the resulting fertile ground which lead to the development of agriculture. This has been true of the ancient people, and is true to this very day. The major cities of the US, for instance have grown up around the confluence of major waterways.

Slavery was already around before the days of ancient Rome. All the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia has slaves. When towns were seized in war, their inhabitants were taken as part of the war booty and sold as slaves.

. an important factor was that it was between rivers

Oral history is a main factor in understanding ancient civilizations. Generally speaking, where there is no written language in a society, stories from one generation to another is very important. In many cases the oral history has been found to be as accurate as possible by examining other languages from other civilizations that speak about the ones that have no written records of history. Without some degree of believability in oral history and traditions, knowledge of the past history of ancient civilizations would be lacking.

how important is the experience of young children as a contributing factor of laer development

No. Do not confuse ancient slavery, Roman or any other people's, with American slavery. Race had nothing whatsoever to do with ancient slavery. Ancient slavery was determined by birth not by skin color. Some people were born slaves while others, although freeborn, happened to live in a town that was enslaved such as Carthage or Alesia. The earliest civilizations, such as ancient Egypt had slave labor. Most were captured in wars.

Major crimes hindering tourism development in Tanzania

the fertile valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers

My opinion is that music plays the same role on almost all civilizations, countries and societies. It gathers people to appreciate the beauty of music and this makes a factor of social development all over the world and throughout the times.

The definition of a physical factor is a factor with physical components. In the abiotic environment, physical factors influence organism development and growth.

involve the local community in development.

{| |- | Water transportation is the biggest factor. It is easy to move large quantaties of goods from long distances over water. Civilizations originate in areas with good water, along rivers and lakes. Water continues to be a primary factor in determining where people build cities. |}

Microbial activity most directly control the development of soil.