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The family in the periodic table that contains the most metallic elements is the alkali metal family. Another family with many metallic elements should is the transitional metal family.

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What is the least metallic element in the periodic table?

upper right-starts from the Boron family cuz Beryllium Family mainly includes metalloids. Left to right and bottom to top in the periodic table

What family is rubidium in?

It is a metallic element in the alkali family

Why does the metallic character of the elements in a family increase as you move from top to bottom in ther periodic table?

in groups metallic character increases with atomic number because each successive element gets closest to Fr

What is the family name for tin?

Tin belongs to group 14 on the periodic table of elements. It is considered a metallic element. Its symbol is Sn and atomic number is 50.

What family of element in the periodic table contains the most reactive metal?

The most reactive metals are the alkali metals in group 1a.

What element family does the element iron belong to?

The element family that iron belongs to on the periodic table is the transition metals family. Other elements in this family include cobalt and nickel.

What element family does the element sulfur belong to?

Sulfur is in the 16th group/family on the Periodic Table which is called Chalcogen.

What are the members of the silver family in the Periodic Table?

In the Periodic Table of Elements, the family that contains silver is Group 11, previously called Group IB. It is sometimes informally called the coinage metals or the copper family. This group contains the following elements:coppersilvergoldroentgenium - a synthetic radioactive element first synthesized in 1994

What does the periodic table tell you about the element in a group?

The groups in the periodic table tell you what each element within them will react with, the number of valance electrons the element has, and what family it is in.

Family name or element series?

group its in on periodic table

What type of element is rubidium?

Rubidium is a type of metallic element. More specifically, it is an element in the alkali elements family that is highly reactive.

Which family contains elements that are highly unreactive?

noble gases are the family that contains element that are highly unreactive

What is the family of one in the periodic table?

The family of one in the periodic table are the alkali metals, or lithium family. This family contains lithium, potassium, sodium, rubidium, caesium and francium.

Which period contains the element silicon?

The element Silicon (Si) is in the third Period on the Periodic Table. It is also the second element in Group 14(4) - The Carbon Family. It has 14 electrons in 3 shells, with 4 electrons in the outer shell.

Where is the carbon family on the periodic table of elements?

There is no carbon family on the periodic table. Carbon is an element in the 'non-metals' group. That was incorrect. The carbon family is group 14.

Meitnerium belongs to what element family?

Group 9 of the periodic table

What is a family of an element?

A family of elements is a group (column) of the Periodic Table. The family of an element is the column it is in in the Periodic Table. In a family of elements, they all have similar properties. An Example of a Family of Elements;The Alkali Metals - Group 1LithiumSodiumPotassiumRubidiumCaesiumFrancium

What is the second family on the periodic table of elements?

The second group in the periodic table contains the Alkali Earth Metals.

The element carbon belongs to which element family?

Carbon is a non-metal, group 14 in the periodic table.

What element on the periodic table has 18 protons?

Argon (Ar), the third element in the Noble Gases family.

What element family does krypton belong in?

The noble gases, periodic column 18 in a wide form periodic table.

What patterns are noted in the electron structures of elements found in a periodic and in a family in the periodic table?

The period (row) indicates how many electron shells the element has and the family (column) indicates how many valence electrons the element has.

What are two elements in group VIIA of the periodic table?

Group VIIA of the periodic table is contains the elements of the manganese family. It contains manganese, technetium, rhenium and bohrium.

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