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The swordfish.

No it is not the swordfish but the sailfish.

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What saltwater fish swims the fastest?


What a fish swims with?

A fish swims with its fins.

Which fish in the aquarium swims the fastest singular or plural?

In the example sentence, "Which fish in the aquarium swims the fastest?", the noun "fish" may be singular or plural. The noun "aquarium" is singular.The noun "fish" is an uncountable (mass) noun as a word for a food substance, but can be used as a count noun (fish, fishes) as a word for the creature (creatures).Example: How many fish are in your aquarium?Or: How many fishes are in your aquarium? (both sentences are correct)

The animal that swims the fastest?

The Cow ...

What does a goldfish do?

a gold fish swims in a fish tank or the sea.It Swims I The Water And Eats Fish Food

Who swims the fastest the shark or the flounder?

a whale

How does the fish move?

it swims?

What type of penguin swims the fastest?

mummy penguin

Which fish swims in schools?


What swims on land?

Shark fish

What kind of fish swims in an upright position?

pipe fish seahorse.

Examples of modifiers and complements?

The fish swims.

How does the fur seal get its food?

swims for it, fish

What makes an eel a fish?

because it swims

What is the fish that swims with sharks?

remoras. :D

What fish swims against the current?


Is fish a fish that swims?

Yes, most fish are just aquatic based fish that swim such as a catfish.

Why are Fishes and frogs are alike?

When a frog is a tadpole, it swims. Even when a frog is an adult, it swims, like a fish does.

What is the fastest fish animal?

The sailfish is the fastest fish.

Is a sword fish the fastest water animal?

The fastest water animal is the dolphin, but the fastest fish is the sail fish, not a sword fish.

What is the reactive force when a fish swims through water?

the force of the water on the fish

How does a blue tang fish move?

Like all other fish it swims.

How does a trout move?

A trout is a fish so it swims

How does a stonefish move?

it is a fish, so obviously it swims

Do manta rays have a pilot fish that swims in and out of its mouth?


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