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Q: Which fluid carries oxygen nutrients and waste both to anf from body cells?
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What fluid carries nutrients to the cells?


What fluid inside of the human body transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells and carries away from the cell?

Blood it's simple :)

What is the fluid that carries oxygen and nutrients to all body systems?

Well, if the question is on just components and functions of the body, it is blood that carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells. If the question is about body systems, the circulatory system (the system for blood circulation through the body) carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells through the blood.

How do cells in humans get the nutrients they need?

Each and every cell in your body (trillions) has a capillary that goes right by it. These capillaries are part of the blood delivery system. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells and picks up waste and carbon dioxide.

Nutrients and oxygen diffuse into body cells from what?

Blood -> plasma -> extracellular fluid -> cells.

The liquid tissue that carries nutrients from digestion to the body?

interstitial or tissue fluid that surrounds cells.

What is the fluid that carries food and oxygen to the womb?

Amniotic fluid

Yellowish fluid that carries disease fighting cells is called?

lymph, is a clear, yellowish fluid that carries desease fighting cells called lmphocytes

What fluid carries gases nutrients and wastes through the body?


How are oxygen and nutrients passed to cells?

Capillaries allow Glucose and oxygen to move out of the blood in the capillaries into interstitial fluid and into the cells. Fluid is exchanged between capillary blood and interstitial fluid.

Which organ tissue carries oxygen and food around the body?

A fluid connective tissue knwon as Blood carries oxygen and food

What fluid carries different substances and cells?

Blood carries necessary substances to various parts of the body.