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We were not on the distribution list for the results of the tests, so we have no

way to know what foods were tested. The easiest way to get a quick burst of

energy is probably a combination of caffeine, sugar, and fear.

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What does sugar give you?

Sugar, a carbohydrate, gives you a quick energy burst, and then usually a quick let down.

Does chocolate give you quick energy?

It will give you a short burst of energy, but is not good to get you started in the morning an apple would be better. (:

What supplies us with a quick source of energy?

Sugar. It will give you a quick burst but will come back to make you very tired afterwards. Or caffine.

Which foods provide most energy?

Sugary food provide the most quick energy. Fatty foods provide the most calories for long term use.

What foods are considered energy foods?

High protein foods like meats, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and beans are high energy. Some people use sugary foods for a quick boost, but proteins are best.

What are starches and sugars that provide energy?

Carbohydrates are the starches and sugars that provide energy. Starches are complex carbohydrates that give you extended energy and sugars are simple carbohydrates that give you a quick burst of energy.

What is A quick burst of activity?

A spurt

What is better to drink Gatorade or pop?

Before a sporting event, Gatorade. Pop gives you a quick burst of energy, then you feel like crap.

Why is it important to eat slow release energy food rather than quick release energy foods?

Slow release energy foods are complex carbs ie grains/veg/ - containing vitamins and minerals which are good for your health. Glucose from these are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles as a reservoir to provide you with energy when you need it. Too much turns to fat. Quick release energy foods are mainly sugars- sweet foods not nutritionally very useful. These are glucose that is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly and used up quickly - which is why you can suddenly get a drop in glucose levels. A good balance of both is good. So quick release gives quick energy & slow release energy is stored (& important as nutrition source for body functions)

Which type of carbohydrate provides quick energy?

Simple carbohydrates like sugars (glucose, dextrose, sucrose, etc.), as well as some starchy foods such as potatoes or white rice, provide quick energy.

Are oranges and pasta both high energy foods?

Organes and pasta are both high energy foods for different reasons. The sugar in oranges gives a quick boost and the carbohydrates in pasta do the same thing.

Should you take honey before a race?

Taking honey before a race can give you a quick burst of energy. However, you can have a slump afterward as your blood sugar plummets.

Does a hamburger give you quick energy?

No, hamburgers do not give you quick energy.

What is the nutrient need to provide quick energy?

nutrients quick energy supplier

What are prepackaged foods?

Prepackaged foods are a quick and easy way to prepare a meal.

What is a quick source of energy known as a simple carbohydrate?

Fruit is a quick source of energy. Granola bars and bread, cake and cookies are all a quick source of energy.

Does slim quick show up in your system when being drug tested?


No gas foods?

usually the quick digest high carb foods are best for "no gas".

What stores energy for quick energy?

potential and kinetic energy

Does this microwave have quick press buttons for different foods you may cook?

Yes this microwave has quick press buttons for different foods you may want to cook.

What type of energy is used when playing softball?

The body uses the anaerobic energy system when playing softball. A sport that does explosive skills or any burst of movement is anaerobic. Batting, Pitching, throwing, sprinting or quick charge to the ball are all anaerobic movements.

Why are foods containing starches healthier choices than foods containing sugars?

Starch releases energy more slowly then sugars. Sugars give you a quick boost meaning you more then likely to feel hungry sooner.

What is a nutrient used for quick energy?

Liquid Vitamin B is used for quick energy. Powdered Vitamin C mixed with minerals is also used for quick energy. There are many supplements that claim to boost your energy levels.

What foods kill stomach fat quick?


Who developed a quick-freezing method for preserving food?

Clarence Birdseye was the person who invented and developed a quick freezing method for preserving foods. Quick frozen foods using his method were first sold in 1930.