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Which football players wear number 22?

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Many many players wore #22 so it's impossible to say.

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For the Houston Astros, 35 different players have worn the number 22 from 1962 to 2013. The Yankees have had 58 players wear number 22 from 1929 to 2013.

Tayshaun Prince, Anthony Morrow

The Houston Astros have had 35 different players wear uniform number 22. Currently, Carlos Corporan wears this number. Uniform number 22 was first worn by Al Heist in 1962.

there are 22 players if your talking about American football

Mark Ingram number 22 terrence Cody number 60

there are 11 players on a professional side but there can be 5,7 and 9 a side as well So if you are professional there are 22 players on a pitch

If you mean football as in soccer, then there are 11 players on the field for each team. In total there are 22 players.

22 players on a football field

During a typical play, there are only 22 players allowed on the field, 11 on each side.

A total of 22 players play at a time in a football match, 11 players in a team.

22 players in a foot ball game

There are 11 football players on each team and there is to teams. So all together there are 22 football players on the field and 4 referees.

He wore No. 22 his entire career in the National Football League.

22 Players on a Football Field

There are 11 players per team on the field at once. 22 players total. 1 football.

That depends on which form of football is being played. American football 11 players per team = 22 Association football 11 players per team = 22 Canadian football 12 players per team = 24 Rugby league football 13 players per team = 26 Rugby union football 15 players per team = 30 Gaelic football 15 players per team = 30 Australian Rules football 18 players team = 36

22There are 12 football players on the field at the same time. (both sides combined)

22 players on a football field

soccer is 22 don't have a clue for American football

football or soccer soccer 22 ,11 on each team football not a clue

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