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Q: Which force acts on the plane at a distance A. drag B. thrust C. lift D. weight?
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What are the 4 fources that keep a plane going?

Four force vectors of a plane is lift, drag, thrust, and weight.

The forward force from a plane's engine is?

The forward force from a plane's engine is thrust.

The forward force from a plane's engine is called?

The forward force from a plane's engine is called THRUST.

What is the thrust on a airplane?

thrust is the force pushing the plane forward (or pulling in some cases)

Is thrust the force non-contact or contact?

Thrust is a contact force as it needs a force to push it,when you are in a plane,upthrust is in contact with you to keep you up in the sky.

What is the forward force that helps a plane take off?


Is the upward force on a airplane wing a thrust?

No. We call the upward component of force "lift"."Thrust" is the component of force forward ... the direction the plane's nose points.

What is the force that moves a plane forward?

Thrust. The pull of the propellers, the push of the jet engine, the pull of gravity.

Is the thrust force equal to friction force?

Yes they are equal because they are both forces and when the thrust of planes (for example) are high in the air, the thrust pulls the plane forward. While the friction force pushes the plane forward. Think of it as someone pushing you towards something that you don't want to go into, that is the same as thrust and friction forces because the thrust is pushing you forward and the friction force is the balance of it all.

The force that drives a bird or a plane forward through air?


What effect does the forces of flight have on a plane?


What are the four forces that operate on a plane?

Weight, lift, drag, thrust.