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The same used to describe the "patriots" of 1776 America and the rebels in Israel wanting to form a country during the 1900s.

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Was confederate Yankees or Rebels?


What is a sentence for rebels?

My younger brother often rebels in class. The rebels must be stopped!

What is the translation for rebels in Gaelic?

Irish: ceannaircigh (mutineers, rebels); possibly reibiliúnaigh (rebels). Scottish:

Where was the headquarters of the rebels in 1916?

the headquarters of the rebels was in Ireland

What is rebels in Greek?

The Greek word for "Rebels" is "αντάρτες".

How did the rebels get defeated?

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What did the English rebels actually do?

What did the English rebels actually do

Why were the Rebels called Rebels?

They were called "Rebels" because the Confederacy chose to rebel against the Union, and broke away from it.

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they were not rebels they were musketeers and they raped little dogs

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the rebels would win

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The southern solders were called rebels.

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